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Reconsider PoT Lot deed prices on Crown Store

Discussion in 'Release 62 QA Feedback' started by Esher Stormcrow, Jan 29, 2019.

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    i think the prices for deeds need to be adjusted.

    Current Prices:
    PoT Row lot deed: 85 Crowns
    PoT Village lot deed: not in Store
    PoT Town lot deed: 450 Crowns
    PoT City lot deed: 1050 Crowns

    Upgrade Costs:
    Row -> Village: 30 Crowns
    Village -> Town: 90 Crowns
    Town -> City: 250 Crowns

    Why should you buy a PoT City lot deed for 1050 Crowns when you can buy a Row lot and upgrade it to City level for 370 Crowns for a total of 455 Crowns?

    Best regards,
    Esher Stormcrow
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