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Remove 3 PA limit, makes no sense with free accounts now

Discussion in 'Player Owned Towns & Player Housing' started by Mishikal, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Mishikal

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    Brittany Estates
    With anyone being able to trivially create new accounts purely for the purpose of claiming additional lots, the limit on any given account having only 3 PA properties doesn't provide any value. Thus it would make the most sense to just remove this limitation.
  2. Bedawyn

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    I don't LIKE it when the same player hoards multiple lots in the same town just to get the vendor spots -- but my disliking it doesn't stop them, and neither does the 3-lot limit.

    What might stop them would be upping the NPC count per row lot to 2 -- then there'd be less motivation for them to own a lot per vendor. Even folks who want shops in multiple towns, if there were 2 vendors allowed, it would make more financial sense and for a more immersive market experience if sellers shared vendor space with each other rather than buying a full lot in each town when they don't use anything but the front yard.

    Even beyond that, I can see plenty of good reasons for the same person to have multiple PA lots. This restriction has hurt PRTs by making it harder to develop them. And I don't see it serving any useful good at all.
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