Removing Items from other Players from your Vendor

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    This is a step by step guide on how to remove other people's items from your vendor.

    You may have a vendor that possibly has some items from another player, that for various reasons, you may want to have these items removed from your vendor, and then these items will be returned back to the player, to their bank. This is fairly easy to do, and I will go over it step by step.

    1. You will need to make sure the vendor that has the items you want removed, placed on a lot you own. And the vendor must be owned by you.

    2. Click on the Lot Stone on the lot you own, click the blue cog wheel here:

    and select Manage Lot Access. And a new window will appear. Click the Banned tab in the window.

    3. At the box at the bottom, type the players name you want the items removed from your vendor.

    Press enter. And then the player will now show on the Banned list.


    ALL of the items on your vendor from the banned player, will now be removed and will be placed back to that players bank, and they will also receive a letter in the mail letting them know you removed their items from a vendor. All of the items removed will show in that players bank with a listing of Vendor Item, in their bank.

    And that is it! Hopefully this will help you if you do have a need to remove a specific players items from a vendor you own.

    If you have any additional questions, or I didn't explain something clearly enough, just let me know!

    All the information and images in this post can be freely used by anyone and Catnip games.
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