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[Responded] 842 - Resource Respawn Not Functioning Properly

Discussion in 'Crafting, Harvesting, Salvage, & Agriculture' started by kaeshiva, Oct 1, 2018.

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  1. kaeshiva

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    Apologies for the duplication, but the old bug threads have been 'resolved' - and indeed, the "completely broken" state seems to be resolved, but now we are noticing different behavior.

    Nodes are not re spawning properly, by properly I mean, how they used to respawn in R57 and for many many releases before going back as far as I can remember.

    Previous Behavior:
    When mining, ores slowly refilled as you went around the mine, so when you got back to start, there was usually something to mine again.

    Current Behavior:
    When mining, you can deplete the entire place and then stand around waiting for 5-10 minutes while nothing happens. MONSTERs appear to respawn as normal. When nodes do respawn, it is an 'all at once' thing - they all instantly blip into blace.

    This has resulted in a significantly decreased yield and a lot of 'wasted player time' standing around in a mine when there is nothing to mine.

    My tests show a reduction of mined nodes per hour of about 45%.
    That is significant enough to flag the situation as "still bugged" - so have created a new thread for the "Patch 842" mining situation as the situation has changed but is still not fixed.

    Unless this is an intended game-wide nerf. Which if it is, is a whole different issue, but I wont make another bug report. ;)

    For reference:
    1 hour test run, GM Mining/Swift/Meticulous, TB Pick, Expedience Potion
    No other gear/deck variables
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  2. Kain Darkmoor

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    Can confirm, once the initial set of ore in Spectral Mines was gathering, nothing was respawning for a very long time.
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  3. Randbo

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    pretty accurate chart.
    i was getting 170k to 190k xp per hour in elysium before this problem. late yesterday its 130k per hour
    i was getting 222 silver ore, NOT waiting for meticulous collection, now 130 or so. copper was 90 and now 60
    its reduced quite a bit. it needs to be tweaked.
    i spend 6 hours or more a day in elysium and my numbers are accurate as can be.
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  4. Lord Subtleton

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    A change was made to the respawn pattern for resources due to a player reported exploit. We've changed the pattern. The overall rates are intended to be the same. If you've been standing next to an ore location for a long time and not seeing a seeing a respawn, try looking in other areas. The respawn location may have moved!
    If you still feel like things should work better after giving it another try, please do post again over in the player feedback section. We appreciate the input.
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