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Resurrrect Creature said it resurrected my dead Elder wolf But it did not

Discussion in 'Release 66 Feedback' started by Woundhealer Odlaw, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. Woundhealer Odlaw

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    I was in the Plains Encounter 6/2 I had my Elder Wolf die, after I killed the enemies, then tried to resurrect my pet and then I cast resurrect Creature, and it said it was successful, but my wolf just laid there. I cast it multiple more times (20 or so) with success, but the wolf was still dead. I tried to reproduce it in Deep Ravenswood but in this case the wolf Jumped up and was fine after the resurrect. No Idea what went wrong
  2. Jarikith

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    Eugene OR
    Had the same thing happen with a bunny I had tamed, it boils down to some weird desync issue wherein your client believes the pet wasn't resurrected and the game itself believes it was, creating numerous oddities. This allows you to conituously cast res on the creature to no effect, other than leveling the skill because it's clearly still dead. Mobs might see it as alive and attack it because it's clearly still alive, other players might also see it as alive and be unable to cast a successful res on it. Even more fun is when you as a dead player occasionally get hit with the res desync and end up existing in a unending half living half dead existence, which has happened to me on a couple occasions.
  3. Belladonna Rose

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    I have had this issue many times with 2 creature types. Wyverns. I got one as a gift and took it out hunting and it died...would not rez . Tried pet rez and human rez nothing..POOF gone. Got another one and reluctantly i took it out hunting again and same thing happened. I have been told they are non rez by many yet i see folks out with theirs and they say they are rez. So I have another....but will not be using it as i dont want to chance losing another. So i think the pet/human rez things is a bit iffy. I do use other pets and if they die i get a better return with human rez than pet rez....both are same level.