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Rewards window time

Discussion in 'Release 67 Feedback' started by Neiro, Jul 18, 2019.

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    1. Title: Rewards window time
    2. Reproduction Rate: 100% for me
    3. Blocker? sort of
    4. Details: I just noticed the rewards thing is moved from the bank to a separate window (without a hotkey to open!). I've now assigned backspace to it. And I kind of have a question - how many hours is it supposed to take to connect to whatever needs connecting in order to claim rewards? I've tried using the log in thru steam button as well as log into a different account using manual credentials. It just sits at Connecting... - not sure how long it's sat there, but I've had time to fill in the forms for graveyard name and banner something along with doing some work on my lot - so far nothing's changed. ps. I don't know if I have any rewards to be claimed. Haven't exactly been the prime example of activity since before the game officially released.
    5. Steps to Reproduce: Think.
    6. User Specs: Probably irrelevant.