RNG, Examples Of Impossible Odds Only

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MrBlight, Aug 1, 2017.

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    Re making a thread I was actually interested in seeing some examples of due to the garbage/trolling in the first.

    Im after no discussion of your opinion of RNG in the game, but just examples of things that are incredibly unlikely.

    10x metic? It happens but the odds are crazy, lets see it!
    5x fails on a 98% chance? That sux, lets see it!
    10 exceptional in a row? Awesome lets see it.

    Can't stress this enough, i really.. reaaaallly dont care about your opinion of the RNG in SOTA, only want to see examples of * Holy Shi* what were the odds of that?! *
    Was hoping to separate some of the exaggeration and see if there was some good examples out there, for nothing but shits and giggles.

    Documented (1000 x crafts for example ) sheets are okay too.
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    I remember several releases ago if you had zero chance to fail in casting a spell, you wouldn't see a percent chance to succeed on the glyph.

    However, sometimes it would tell you that your success chance was 100%, but then you could still fizzle the spell.

    I believe this was because the formula for telling you your success chance percentage was rounding up from the actual number which may have been 99.5-99.9%

    I don't know if this is still an issue, or if maybe someone had fizzled twice in a row with the false, rounded up 100% chance, but I believe it contributed to some people not trusting the RNG.
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    Dont expect changes. Players have to deal with it like always. It doesnt matter if it makes sense or if it is broken, as long as his "statistics" are fine. Look like we all are just dumb and our brain is not evolved on the same level like the others, to know that everything is fine.
    Thats why i love games where you can see the combat rolls in Combat Chat
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