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[SALE PENDING] WTS - Founder Lord Marshal Account

Discussion in 'Sell Items (WTS Gear, Decorations, Crafted Items)' started by Barnabas Root, May 15, 2017.

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  1. Kitty2

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    With remorse, I am selling my Founder Lord Marshal Account. Times are tough this side of the Rift. :( But that means a great opportunity for a lucky buyer!

    This lightly-used and -plundered Account comes with:
    • Tax-Free Founder Town Lot Deed, able to be placed on any Land or Water Lot, Town Size or smaller
    • Lord Marshal Benefactor Town Home
    • Lord Founder Town Water Home
    • Knight Founder Village Home
    • Knight Founder Village Water Home (Lighthouse)
    • Knight Benefactor Village Home
    • Edelmann Founder Village Home
    • Edelmann Founder Village Water Home
    • Edelmann Benefactor Village Home
    • Citizen Benefactor Village Home
    • Stone 4-Story, 3-Story, and 2-Story Row Homes
    • Town Stone 5-Story, 3-Story, and 2-Story
    • Village Stone 1-Story
    • Row Stone & Timber 5-Story and 2 Story
    • Hatches (Many)
    Quest Reward Hats
    • Release 15: Silver Jester Carnival Mask
    • Release 16: Black Lepus Mask
    • Release 17: Fez Hat
    • Release 18: Bycocket Hat
    • Release 19: Kobold Commander Hat
    • Release 20: Chaperon Hat
    • Release 21: Highwayman Hat
    • Release 22: Steampunk Goggles
    • Release 23: Plague Doctor Mask
    • Release 24: Pilgrim Bonnet
    • Release 25: Nomad Hat
    • Release 26: Bowler Hat
    Telethons and Milestone Rewards
    • End of Summer 2015
    • Winter 2015
    • Spring 2016
    • Final Wipe World Starting Gift
    • Summer 2016 Part 1
    • Summer 2016 Part 2
    • $10 Million Raised
    • Fall into Winter 2016
    • Spring 2017
    Additional Items
    • Commission-Free Vendor
    • Citizen Benefactor Piano
    • 3 Founder Expert Crafting Stations
    • 4 Benefactor Expert Crafting Stations
    • Set of Prosperity Tools/ Set of Founder Artisan Tools (one Artisan Tool still in bag!)
    • Immortality Fruit
    • Royal Elderberry
    • Lord Marshal's Helm, Drinking Horn, Cloak (with glowing effect), Throne, Servant, and Great Hearth
    • Noble's Discourse Orb
    • Magical Wishing Well (add-on)
    • Rusted Iron Small Greenhouse (add-on)
    There are many more items, far too to list here. Purchasing this account now will also allow the buyer time to set up his/her account with an address to receive the Physical Rewards that will be provided with a Founder Account, and the buyer will have access to all five Episodes of the game.

    I would like to utilize a broker service for a purchase of this size. The buyer will pay for the cost of Portalarium's Service Tokens for the transfer of the account into their name. I will only accept Paypal Friends and Family, in U.S. Dollars. No trades, Store Credits, or in-game gold will be considered.

    Please feel free to post or PM me with questions about the account, but PM me with serious bids only.

    As always, humbly yours,
  2. Kitty2

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    I almost forgot! Currently, Town Lot is placed in Solania, on Noble Way. :)
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