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Saving/Deploying Lots

Discussion in 'Release 57 QA Feedback' started by Lord Andernut, Aug 24, 2018.

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    New Britannian Market
    Is this more resource expensive than, say, loading a scene? Because there's no cooldown on loading scenes.

    I wanted to move ~8 decorated amenity village lots a bit in my town - and due to the 5-minute cooldown timer on restoring a lot, that means minimum 40 minutes to do this.

    I can bypass this by having multiple accounts with the amenity lots, but that's kind of a pain to need to do this work-around. Is the 5-minute timer serving a significant purpose, would it be as effective at saving resources as a 1-minute timer would be?

    Can we experiment with a lower timer? If there is potential for server-abuse, maybe it can be Governor-Specific.
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