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Selling Adventurer Experience

Discussion in 'Vendor Locations & Misc Services' started by Jackdepirate, Jun 16, 2018.

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  1. Jackdepirate

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    Owl Sky City
    Selling xp to anyone who would like to purchase.
    Parties will consist of me and whoever wants the xp, be it 1 customer or up to 4 other customers. We will attenuate every hour and have time for breaks in between attenuations. All you have to do is be in group with me and be close enough to gain xp. Preferably you need to be at your computer and able to move your character around if need be, and reachable through discord.

    All loot collected during this process will be sold and split into even shares for everyone at the end. So you will receive a fair chunk of gold as well as xp. In terms of any artifact drops or supply bundles we will roll on each of them at the end and the winning roll takes the item.

    I will be matching @Mac2 prices which are as follows

    $12.50/1m or $10/1m for orders of 10m or more
    1 million xp = $12.50
    10 million xp = $100
    20 million xp = $200

    Payment must be made up front before we start to farm your xp so as to insure I don't get burned on payment and xp will be delivered within a week (if not same day) after purchase. I will do up to a maximum of 10m a day.

    If something comes up and you need to be refunded, I can refund you the full amount if we haven't started to get your xp, but if you have paid $100 for 10m and we only get 5m, you will be charged $12.50 per million and only be refunded $37.50.

    I will only take a maximum payment of 100$ per person at a time, so if you want 50m xp, you'll pay for the 10m first, and then we will go from there if you still want more after we have farmed up your experience.

    Please contact me on the forums in private messages, or right in this thread if you would like to purchase xp. Any transaction discussion will take place on the forums, if you message me in discord about buying xp I will ask you to please message me on the forums.

    I'm looking forward to working for you ;)
    Jack Pirate [OWL]
  2. Mac2

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    I know jack, good player, I endorse this message LOL.
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  3. Kyri

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    Grouped w/ Jack this week. He's an absolute beast.
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