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Selling Rares, Rewards, Etc.

Discussion in 'WTSell (I Have - Except House/Lot/Commodities)' started by Drake Aedus, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Drake Aedus

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    I'm looking to sell a number of items via PayPal. You can PM me here or see me in-game with the same name.

    2015 Fireworks 45-Piece Gift Reward - $7
    Ankh of Virtue Necklace - $5
    Artisan Tool Reward (unopened) - $10
    Benefactor's Cloak - $5
    Benefactor's Cloth Tunic - $5
    Benefactor's Vanduul Polearm - $5
    Non-Combat Pet Reward (Greyhound, Raven, or Siamese Cat) - $5
    Plain Carnival Mask - $7
    Portable Aether Vibration Amplifier - $10
    Replenishing Snowball Box (unused) - $6
    Steampunk Top Hat - $6

    Grand Tour Hats!
    Virtue Yule Hat (r13) - $15
    Virtue Silver Jester Carnival Mask (r15) - $15
    Virtue Dark Lepus Mask (r16) - $15
    Virtue Fez Hat (r17) - $15
    Virtue Bycocket Hat (r18) - $15
    Virtue Kobold Commander Mask (r19) - $15
    Virtue Chaperon Hat (r20) - $15
    Virtue Highwayman Hat (21) - $15
    Virtue Streampunk Goggles (r22) - $15
    Virtue Plague Doctor Mask (r23) - $15

    Virtue Cloak - $6

    Meretz Fitness Emote Reward (set of 6 rewards, get the whole set!) - $10
    Meretz Yoga Emote Reward (set of 6 rewards, get the whole set!) - $10
    Virtue Aeronaut Outfit Set + Helmet - $15
    Virtue Flame Armor Set - $15
    Virtue Ice Crown, Corset, Skirt, Gloves & Cloak Set - $15
    Virtue Fur Hat - $5
    Snowflake Pattern Cloak - $6
    Obsidian Order Plate Set - $10
    Obsidian Order Wizard Set - $10

    Crafted Kitchen Set! (table not included) - $5

    Lord British Large Telescope - $5
    Mardi Gras Fountain - $5
    Flambeaux - $5
    Large Spooky Fountain - $5

    I'll add more to the list later.
  2. Drake Aedus

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    Items still available.