Solace Bridge Outskirts

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    1. Some sort of way to deposit things. It could be a nice option to have a deposit only bank with the banker NPC saying that he was headed to Soltown, but that our things could be recovered at any bank we would visit. Carry capacity for new players is low, and if they set out to do all quests and harvest a little along the way, they will rapidly become overweight. Allow the players to stay in the outskirts long enough to clear all the quests without being overweight just because he gathered a few logs and animal hides along the way.

    2. Empty flasks at the alchemist by the graveyard. The alchemist in SBO could be the perfect tutorial NPC for brewing health potions and explaining the importance of consumables in this game. The player should have gathered a little garlic by now with how readily available it is, and Corpse wax is just across the street, so all he is missing is 3 empty flasks that the alchemist could give upon starting the tutorial quest. The player could then buy a few more flasks to craft a few more potions and be able to use potions easily from that point forward.

    Just 2 little thoughts I had while playing through the scene.