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Solace Outskirts really shows where we are going

Discussion in 'Release 43 Feedback Forum' started by Vladamir Begemot, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Good time with a party, lots of resources, the new player who was going with us made lots of gold by the end of the couple of hours of game time. Quests are good, it was a very entertaining time.

    And as always, suggestions.

    TL;DR Make an NPC that helps set up groups for new players. Dead NPC's need to stay dead.
    If a player murders the bandit that takes heirlooms, he MUST stay dead.

    It was a relief to me when he reappeared, but it's not worth the xp and gold to remove the sense of meaning.

    I bet you already have it on the timeline, I would like to suggest doing it as soon as possible, since this is "story year."

    Also, I've seen enough new players in the Outskirts lately that I think you should curate a group for those who opt in.

    Let them know the xp advantage, and have an Sargeant in charge of putting a task force together. Getting added to the roster adds them to a new player party. Fire a help text that tells them to type /p to talk.

    Put it on a timer, don't add then to a group that was formed an hour ago. That will keep the new group members near the camp as it's growing.
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