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Solania Daemon Feedback

Discussion in 'Release 66 QA Feedback' started by Jason_M, May 25, 2019.

  1. Jason_M

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    Hello everyone. It was suggested by a developer that we post feedback about the revision to the Solania Catacomb daemon room:

    The wave-battle revision to the old Solania daemon room a time back was very welcome. Removing the incentive to flip the instance worked very well. I heard a lot of positive feedback from others, too.

    Some Criticism:
    However, the recent change to require getting the key to reset the wave-battle is problematic for a couple of reasons:

    1) There is no indication of this requirement. There is no kind of indication nor notification, so the player assumes that it is broken and the only way to fix it is to flip the instance. This is of course the very opposite of what the wave-battle was meant to fix.

    2) If the players happen to read the specific R66 bug forum post that mentions how this new key-triggered wave-battle timer works, then they would have to go out and chop up some elves. The problem with this is that it's dull - if you or a party are out big game hunting, then tier 2 elves and skeletons is a very dull affair. Pairing very high level content with very low level content is a strange design choice. Frankly, it's tedious. We've killed millions of those elves and skeletons in various skins in almost every single section of the game.

    In summary, requiring a key to reset the wave battle timer isn't a great change because players who don't have metaknowledge of the spawn will feel compelled to flip the instance because they believe it is broken. People who do know what's going on will find the spawn quite tedious - forcing low level content grinding on high end players.

    A Suggestion:
    Of course, constructive criticism is better with a suggestion: If the developers would really prefer to use a gathered item to reset the spawn, then something physical and obvious would be better.

    Just a rough idea: The key could be replaced by some kind of sacrificial object whether that be some kind of a marked skull or heart or something else - but it should be obviously a morbid sacrificial item. In the middle of the large summoning circle should be an altar with a recepticle of some kind (flat surface, bowl, etc.,) where the player would intuitively want to put something. (I imagine that this would mechanically be similar to the memory fragment sacrificial altar in the Lost Vale.)

    After the daemon is slain, the item on the altar disappears, preferably with a VFX like colored smoke that attracts the attention of the player. Nothing should spawn again (at present 2 skeletons spawn at a time) until a new sacrificial item is placed on the altar.

    The goal of this whole idea is to be obvious and intuitive.

    Yes, it's true that the players will still have to kill some low level content to get the sacrificial item. But at least it will have some kind of tangible/immersive event as it's goal rather than just being an artificially imposed hurdle that tries to block them from their intended course of play. Most importantly, it would prevent any confusion and players wouldn't believe the feature to be broken.

    Just my humble opinion.

    I humbly invite other players to suggest better alternatives for reseting the Solania Daemon room :)
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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  2. Elnoth

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    Well said @Jason_M

    You can have the right intention when making a game change but if it is poorly implemented you just end up making the game worse. The suggestion above keeps the intention but implements it in a way that is both logical and more immersive.
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  3. Girlsname

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    Just remove the key requirement for the key, and let them wave; lower the loot, but it’s allows us to go there instead of UT.

    Maybe even RNG the demon spawn himself so it’s not always guaranteed.