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Some books cannot be salvaged and items that cannot be destroyed

Discussion in 'Release 62 Feedback' started by chiasma_sota, Feb 3, 2019.

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  1. Chiasma

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    1. The following books cannot be salvaged, please allow us to salvage them:
    The Sorcerer's Daughter Series
    The Age of Storms Series
    The Oak and the Reed
    The Mouse and the Camel (copy)
    Vivamus Commodo
    The Grasshopper and the Ant
    The Frog and the Ox
    The Chains of False Beliefs (copy)
    The Wolf and the Lamb
    Hearts of New Britannia
    A Boiled Seed Cannot Sprout (copy)

    2. Please allow us to destroy the following items in inventory:
    - Places to Live -
    Rule Britannia Sheet Music

    3. Please add a recipe to salvage books and allow us to salvage stacked books so that we may not need to separate them one by one.
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    I agree. Also the phonograph item Sword of Midras Audiobook and the book Places to Live can't be destroyed. I eventually had to find a creative (if slightly less ethical) way to get them out of my inventory.
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