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Discussion in 'Housing & Lots' started by Duke William of Serenite, Dec 10, 2018.

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    @Lord British

    Since the boat idea has been put back on the shelf I had some ideas that would be really easy to do and give boats a purpose other than owning sitting duck that cost about 1-12k. Depending on your pledge level of course.

    1 give fishermen a bonus for fishing from their boat.

    2 allow boats to take people to any coastal town player owned or NPC. Now boats actually take people somewhere and you dont have to drive the boat, just click on the menu where you want to go.

    3 Allow the places around the boat to be fished continually. So the area around the boat doesnt dry out.

    4 now you have people using boats for fishing and getting around the world.

    Lets face it, if these boats plan to actually move they will have to zone often. As far as I know the plan to make them move got shoved into file 13. So that isnt going to happen. At least with this idea they have a use.
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    What about just using the boats for overworld travel and setting up overworld random encounter mobs in Sea. If u hit the encounter your "ship" becomes a static object in the center of an instanced sea map where waves on sea monsters crawl on board your ship and you have to fight them off. Of if you encounter like say "a school of fish" encounter on world map the same happens but itsi unlimited fishing from your ship or better/rare fishing from your ship in an instanced sea map with your ship as a static object in the center of the map.
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