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Some issues a 2 week player found in game and some suggestion

Discussion in 'Critical Issues (Blockers, Performance, Crashes)' started by Ecthel, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Ecthel

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    First of all hi there all.

    Im gonna write down some bugs/issues that i find and also some ideas of mine about the game that may help the developers.

    Im not ashamed to say I was waiting this game to be free for a long time cause in my country there is an economic crisis and i had to pay half a mont of earnings to get it which was impossible. Thanks for makin it free so that i can enjoy sota as an old Ultima player.

    For the issues or bugs that i found there are some game crushes while loading some areas, Some monsters stuck inside walls coloums especiallly in whiteguard silver mine. In soltown i think guard harry doesnt want to admit that he burned the camp even how many times i mension about the red cloth that i heard of. And ofcourse there is that famous issue everybody is talking about "bank stacking" which is really annoying and time consuming.

    Things that i love till now "feeling of freedom". Nobody tells me what to do. I can be whatever i want to be. a swordsman and a mage at the same time like in my old ultima days..

    Things that im really negative about though are

    Terrible looting. im like lvl 55 in my advanture and since lvl 1 im finding the same loots. there is nothing rare or different. it really needs more items.

    As a noob player I really dont know if there is any chance to get a lot deed as a loot. i found a video in youtube it is gonna be a loot drop which was published 7 months ago. If it is the situation this is great. if not :(

    I am and i always have been a fan of the situations that i find a rare world drop which is like a lottery and all my life in the game changes. even knowing there is a possibility to find such items makes me wanna play more. So i wish there was a situation like this in here. like if u kill enough monsters in dungeon doom gods bestow a magical artifact to u that u re so special.

    And also in steam i dont know how they are doing it but i pay for some games with my countries currency not with Us dollars which is like a dream for me to pay these amount of money. i really want to buy a house or items from store both to support the game and have some fun but it is not fair. Im not gonna be bitching about it alot though.

    Lastly i know it is a social game. and i like to socialize sometimes too. But mostly i like to play the game alone. as a "lone wolf" u see. i really think that there should be a skill that rewards if a player is playing the game alone. "lone wolf skill" perhaps. if u have lone wolf skill u will have a penalty in a group but if u are playing solo u get some advantage. maybe its not possible but im tired of the mmorpg systems which are always punishing u if u like to play solo in a world which is full of other players.

    There are hundreds of small issues that i find a little bit odd. But i trust this dev team alot. I tried to follow Sota from the beginning since our great lord British first announced it. I beleive more people need to learn about it too. not only old players like me but youth too. Im trying to advertise it among my friends alot. which i dont do alot...

    Thank u alot again making me feel free while playing a mmorpg again...
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  2. Rentier

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    Dragomir Mori
    you get a row lot deed (and a free house on it) for completing the episode 1 mainquests

    and there are rare loots but the lower the monster level the lower the chance to get it (COTO also drop but still rare)
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  3. Feeyo

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    Aelasar’s Forest
    Welcome to SotA!
    If you find any bugs, please use the /bug command in your chat. It will automatically copy the coordinates and some basic system info to your clipboard. Also it will open the browser for you to the bug forums. Paste your clipboard into a new thread so the devs can see it.
    The loot in the game is being worked on, there are rare loot items like Articacts, better gear and bundle bags. (http://sotawiki.net/sota/Supply_Bundles). But the looting tables will be changing the upcoming release and will be better. Also do not forget the best gear in the game is crafted gear.
    I am also a solo player most of the time, I have never been punished for playing solo. Yes sometimes some quests are hard. But you will level and finish the quest.
  4. Paladin Michael

    Paladin Michael Avatar

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    Greetings Ecthel, welcome to Novia!
    As Feeyo told, please tell bugs in the bug forum so the developers can be aware of them.

    About the quest concerning Harry in Soltown:
    I found out, that you have to ask everybody who is involved to the quest.
    So also Edwin the Tailor has some information ... about this red cloth.
    So, beside Martin the Merchant and the people in the camp, he also gives an important clue ...
  5. Duke William of Serenite

    Duke William of Serenite Avatar

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    I think at ur level hilt may be doable. The skeletons and lich drop blueprints for dungeons and recipes that sell for about 200,000-250,000 gold. A rare drop but they drop them.