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Some (Late) Feedback from R10

Discussion in 'Release 10 Feedback' started by KuBaTRiZeS, Oct 2, 2014.

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    Hi fellow SotA followers, developers, backers, and guy-who-just-passed-by.

    I can't start this post without saying how much fun i had. To me everything was new, yet familiar and a bit nostalgic. I know there is a lot of criticism (some constructive, some destructive) dropped in the game. don't get me wrong, i love criticism! SotA community as a whole has a sense of direction, being the most constructive community i've ever seen. I understand some of you got used to the SotA feeling after some releases, so you focus in what the game should be. I just wanted to tell you that even if the game is still unfinished, lacking, and with many issues raising concern, I enjoyed it a lot and felt it attractive and appealing, having a core concepts that points definitely in the right way; it's just matter of tune them, to make them going into the best direction. And i say this as a pen and paper roleplayer and as an MMO (including UO) and single player RPG's (including original Ultima games) player. So let's keep shaping this up into the game it should be!

    That being said, it's my turn to provide some feedback. First, i'd like to mention some issues that i found awkward or just made me uncomfortable.
    • In bag inventory mode, things could be put outside the bag (and they stay there!). I loved to see bag mode and spent the first 30 minutes getting my inventory sorted between the bags i had. But the fact that bags are "bigger on the inside" feels odd, and make even easier to lost stuff. An issue that mostly rose when picking up stuff from the crafting stations using the "get everything" button (items always appeared out of my inventory bag).
    • Also about inventory in bag mode... Why are potions so big?
    • Door lack of collision. Seeing a door passing through my character is odd.
    • Dialogue glitch. NPC's in the common crafting area said recipe book is R, and actually its B... just a detail i felt worth of telling.
    • Stacks should look like stacks. Having an arrow looking exactly the same as 250 is not appealing.
    • Can we maximize maps? If there's a way to do it, it should be added to the release instructions. If there's none, it should be implemented. Translating the text could be a bother for some, and it will be a bother for more if text is so small.
    • Target lines. Actually, it's not something troubling my sleep, but the way they circle the PC when the target is behind him seems odd. I think it will be better if they don't show.
    • In R10 Gravity was broken. This has been noted by everybody, but i can't just not say it. I was lucky enough to not dying from tripping and suffering millions of damage, but still jumping off a castle expecting to see my character splatted into the ground and see him landing safe and sound just suffering 2 points of damage was kind of a letdown (the friend who compelled me to do it was quite dissapointed :p)
    Second, i'd like to bring out some minor stuff i thought while i was playing, maybe worth of being included or at least to give it a thought.
    • Be able to close the main inventory without closing all the bags on it. I used a specific bag for raw resources, and i needed to kept open both the main inventory and the bag, so i think it will be better this way.
    • Some customizing options on the UI would be great. Other people asked to be able to move around elements of the UI or to hide them, i'd like to jump in that boat as well.
    • The out of combat skill bar felt empty, i only used it to keep the harvesting tools. I remembered somebody trolling suggesting a random emote deck... there's no need for that, but what if we could bind emotes into the non combat skill bar? it will allow some fast paced roleplaying, not needing to open the emote window and searching for the one you want.
    • The dual scale map totally hits the spot. I can't wait to see random events or player driven events popping in it and dragging you into a scene! However if we're going to keep WASD movement, being able to rotate the 3d map it will be much appreciated.
    • The night feeling like actual night was awesome. But because night is dark (and full of terrors) mankind developed more powerful light sources. The only lamp i could made was only for decoration, and i'd like to see some powerful light sources, like oil lanterns (Hooded and Bullseye, naming some classics).
    • Why we have a splash screen only to push "Play?". I find it unnecesary.
    • I enjoyed housing, got a nice spot in Brave coast. And i used to finish my journey meddling with the crafting system at home. But when i log in back, i found myself in the entrance of the scene instead of at home... maybe this was just a Brave coast issue, but it felt odd anyway.
    That's all i've got on specific issues. Do you agree with me? Do you think i'm mistaken on some (or all) of my points? Please, bring it up! :D
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