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    I have the honor to present a stable and properly functioning interactive map of the New Britannia avaliable at On this high resolution map you will find almost all cities, locations and geographical points such as mountains, rivers, lakes and much more. The map is fully interactive and has an option to search and zoom to the place you want.

    In the near future I will work on tools that will allow registered users to create interactive maps of cities ( POT).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    • Ahnen Hain: Upgraded to Village.
    • Baubbleshire: Upgraded to Village.
    • Bay Lunaire: Upgraded to Town.
    • Bladewyke: Changed location. Interconnections (added Etceter, removed Taenby Landing).
    • Caelestis Canton: Removed PvP flag.
    • Insulam de Nocte: Upgraded to Town.
    • Irenholde: Upgraded to Village.
    • Nido dell’Aquila: Upgraded to Village.
    • Port Phoenix: Rotated to “180”.
    • Jade Valley: Upgraded to City. Rotated to “180”. Changed location (minor).
    • Lamplight: New addition (nested in Port Phoenix).
    • Elemtentum: Changed location. Interconnection (with Storms Reach).
    • Wisteria Lane: Converted to Grasslands 01a.
    • Tenakill: Converted to Grasslands 01a.
    • Cape Havoc: Interconnection (with Blood Bay).
    • Isle of Mists: Renamed (formerly Jamestown). Converted to Island 01. Ownership changed. Rotated to “Right”. Nested interconnection changed to within Serenite.
    • Festival: Renamed (formerly Arx Draconis Embassy). Converted to Snowy Mountains 01. Ownership changed. Nested interconnection changed to within Owl’s Head.
    • Heartwood: Renamed (formerly Malhelkyth). Converted to Forest 01b. Ownership changed. Interconnection (nested interconnection changed to within Oceania).
    • Oracle Oasis: Renamed (formerly Forsaken Forest). Converted to Desert 01b. Ownership changed. Removed PvP flag. Interconnections (nested interconnection changed to within Soltown, removed Harvest).
    • Hy-Brasil: Converted to Island 01a. Interconnections (with Etceter and Taenby Landing).
    • Hatter’s Estates: Renamed (formerly The Hatter’s Estates). Changed location.
    • Copper Lake: Renamed (formerly Grimmstone Fields). Converted to Mountains 01. Ownership changed. Changed location.
    • Twilight Sparkle: Upgraded to Village.
    • Forest Cave - new map added
    • Ardoris Sewers - new map added
    • Solania Catacombs - new map added
    • Soltown Catacombs - new map added
    • Owl's Nest Mine - new map added
    • Owl's Head Sewers - new map added
    • Kingsport Sewers - new map added
    • The Clink - new map added
    • The Clink - new map added
    • Ruins of Ravensmoor - new map added
    • Kiln Cistern - new map added
    • The Epitaph - new map added
    • Etceter Crag Mines - new map added
    • Verdantis Mines - new map added
    • Serpent's Spine Mines - new map added
    • Elysium Mines - new map added
    • Graff Gem Mines - new map added
    • Spectral Mines - new map added
    • Special characters for custom marker tool bug fixed
    • Login session life time is much longer now
    • Default quantity value for newly added resource nodes and monsters is fixed (equals 1)
    • Default tier for newly added resource nodes and monsters is fixed (is same as scene trier)
    • Mobs dictionary have been updated
    • Some other minor changes, such as misspelled labels

    • Performance of server side scripting has been improved
    • A new layer called "My Layer" has been added
    • Layer filtering has been added
    • New resource nodes layer has been added
    • Nested towns are searchable now
    • Every registered user can change lot ownership and lot status on PRT and NPC Town maps.

    v.0.2.7 [30.07.2016]

    • Brittany Alleys (New City)
    • Brittany Wharfs (New City)
    • Horngap (inland grassland in Longfall, southeast of Blood River)
    • Magna Planitia (inland grassland in Quel, northwest of Brightbone Pass)
    • Anseldale (inland grassland in Midmaer, southeast of Kiln)
    • Etan Glen (inland grassland in Midmaer, east of Nightshade Pass)
    • Blumdel (inland grassland in Grunvald, west of Desolis)
    • Grimmdalur (inland grassland in Verdantis, east of Dysborg Ruins)
    • Umber Heath (inland grasslands, west the Ruined Keep)
    • Greenfall (inland grasslands, southwest of Kingsport)
    • Littlecreek (inland forest, southwest of Kingsport)
    • Shady Copse (inland forest, SE of Ravenswood)
    • Port Titan (coastal forest, southwest of Westhollow)
    • Forewind (coastal forest, southeast of Kingsport)
    • Grumridge (coastal swamp in southeast Longfall) based on the Island 01 POT template
    • Smaragar (coastal swamp in northeast Nordgard) based on the Island 01 POT template
    • Pericaliya (island off the southwestern Coast of Longfall, near Aerie) based on the Island 01 POT template
    • Nesoskia (island off the northern coast of Elysium in the Bay of Storms) based on the Island 01 POT template
    • Parrot's Roost (island north of Quel in the Bay of Storms) based on the Island 01 POT template
    • Platinum Keys (island off the western coast of Verdantis) based on the Island 01 POT template
    • Exile Island (island west of Drachvald in Spindrift Bay) based on the Island 01 POT template
    • Hy-Brasil: Converted to Tropical Island.
    • Ahnen Hain: Ownership changed. Renamed (formerly Blackbear Cove (Sea Cave)). Changed location.
    • Bladewyke: Ownership changed. Changed location.
    • Dara Brae: Changed location. Upgraded to Hamlet.
    • Eodon: Removed POT.
    • Gensicke: Renamed (formerly Gensfield). Upgraded to Hamlet.
    • Grimmstone Fields: Renamed (formerly Soggy Bottom). Converted to Grasslands. Changed location.
    • Mara Mesta: Changed location. Interconnections (with Blackrock Cove, Obsidian Ridge, and Taenby Landing).
    • Pirate’s Hideout: Renamed (formerly Pirate’s Den). Converted to Mountains. Changed location.
    • Rats Nest: Changed location (minor).
    • Raven’s Head: Upgraded to Metropolis.
    • Saint Haley’s Refuge: Converted to Tropical Island. Upgraded to Hamlet.
    • SilverHold: Converted to Alpine 1a. Upgraded to Town.
    • Bravehaven: Rotated to Left. Changed location (minor). Interconnection (with Fortus End).
    • Minock: Removed interconnection (with Obsidian Ridge). Ownership changed. Changed location.
    v.0.2.7 [Other updates not implemented to SotaMap]:

    • Kiln Cistern
    • Midmaer Passage
    v.0.2.7 [30.06.2016]

    • Brittany - New
    • Valhold - New
    • Estgard - New
    • Elad’s Lighthouse - New
    • Brittany Fields - New
    • Tropical Island - New
    • PRT: Snell’s Bend - New
    • Moors of Northshore - Tier Markers Updated
    • Ruined Keep - Tier Markers Updated
    • Wynton’s Folly - Tier Markers Updated
    • Owl's Nest - Tier Markers Updated
    • Mysterious Swamp - Tier Markers Updated
    • Southmarsh - Tier Markers Updated
    • Northmarsh - Tier Markers Updated
    • Rotated POT Templates: The POT Templates are now available in 3 rotations: Right 90 degrees, Left 90 degrees, and 180 degrees.
    • Celestial Gardens: Upgraded to Village. Interconnection (with Brittany).
    • Dragon’s Fall: Upgraded to Metropolis. Changed location.
    • Haunted Keep of Solania: Upgraded to Hamlet.
    • Central City: New addition.
    • Arx Draconis Aerie: Upgraded to Village.
    • Caladruin: Nested interconnection changed to within Brittany.
    • Diamond Fields: Interconnection (with Jade Valley).
    • Jade Valley: Interconnection (with Diamond Fields).
    • Refugees Hideout: Upgraded to Village.
    • The Time Tunnel: New addition (nested in Wizards Rest).
    • Wizards Rest: Interconnection (with The Time Tunnel).
    • Allaman: Upgraded to City.
    v.0.2.6 [Other R30 updates not implemented to SotaMap]:

    • Skrekk
    • Quel Passage
    • Equitas Passage
    v.0.2.6 [30.05.2016]

    • South Majestic Forest
    • North Midmaer Way
    • Shaminian Hills
    • South Midmaer Way
    • Spectral Peaks
    • North Majestic Forest
    • Libris Ruins
    • East Sanctus Forest
    • West Sanctus Forest
    • Ulfheim
    • Serpent's Spine Foothills
    • Upper Fortus
    • Hallowed Plains
    • South Boundless Forest
    • Kas Ruins
    • Upper Tears
    • Grannus Colossus
    • South Naryad Pinelands
    • Crooked Shank
    • Verdantis Foothills
    • North Fetid Swamp
    • South Fetid Swamp
    • PRT Coastal Forest - New Map Template
    • PRT Interior Forest - New Map Template
    • POT Forest - New Map Template
    • POT Mountain ver.1 - New Map Template
    • POT Mountain ver.2 - New Map Template
    • POT Mountain ver.3 - New Map Template
    • The Brave Coast - Updated
    • Estercove - Updated
    • Port Mirren - Updated
    • Westend - Updated
    • Endurance - Updated
    • Spite - Updated
    • Graff Island - Updated
    • Estgard - Updated
    • Taenby Landing - Updated
    • Brekken Bay - Updated
    • Eastmarch - Updated
    • Celestis - Updated
    • Elad's Lighthouse - Updated
    • Point West - Updated
    • Noreach - Updated
    • Harvest - Updated
    • Fortus End - Updated
    • Broochash - Updated
    • Xenos - Updated
    • Storm's Reach - Updated
    • Coral Cove - Updated
    • Fons Vita - Updated
    • Goti - Updated
    • Northwood - Updated
    • Brookside - Updated
    • Axwich - Updated
    • Dorwald - Updated
    • Neufeld - Updated
    • Bakkevoll - Updated
    • New Holtrot - Updated
    • Arx Draconis Aerie: Ownership changed. Renamed (formerly Ranger’s Repose).
    • Arx Draconis Lowlands: Changed name (from Silverthorn to Arx Draconis Lowlands). Changed ownership. Changed location.
    • Badger Hollow: Changed location. Converted to Forest.
    • Beran’s Reach: Changed location. Converted to Mountains.
    • Bladewyke: Changed location. Converted to Underground.
    • Chaos Caverns: Renamed (formerly Unter Kampf).
    • Eodon: Renamed (formerly Hawaii). Converted to Grasslands.
    • Forlorn Peak: Renamed (formerly Obsidian Sepulcher). Converted to Mountains. Upgraded to Crossroads Village.
    • Knight’s Bastion: Renamed (formerly Dragon’s End). Converted to Snowy Mountains 1a. Location changed.
    • Lea Lochry: Renamed (formerly Thalyscira). Converted to Grasslands. Changed location. Upgraded to Village.
    • Perfectus Mori: Converted to Grasslands. Relocated (minor).
    • Recluse: Ownership changed. Converted to Grasslands. Renamed (formerly FrostSpire). Changed location.
    • Reed’s Glen: Converted to Forest 2. Relocated (minor).
    • Reverie: Renamed (formerly Concord Haven). Converted to Mountains. Changed location to mainland.
    • Ruins of Old Raven’s Head: Renamed (formerly Raven’s Head South).
    • Thapae Mizellmist: Renamed (formerly Mizell Thapae). Converted to Forest 2.
    v.0.2.6 [Other R29 updates not implemented to SotaMap]:

    • Verdantis Mines
    • Serpent’s Spine Mines
    • Crypt of the Avatar (beneath Midras)
    • Spindrift Passage (part of the Underground Network)
    • Paladis Passage (part of the Underground Network)
    • The Rise (part of the Underground Network)
    v.0.2.5 [27.04.2016]

    • Whispering Woods: New Addition
    • Twins Foothills: New Addition
    • South Longfall Wetland: New Addition
    • East Longfall Wetland: New Addition
    • Longfall Woods: New Addition
    • South Longfall Road: New Addition
    • Bloodriver Forest: New Addition
    • Naryad Moors: New Addition
    • Skrekk: New Addition
    • Norgard Fens: New Addition
    • Oracle Colossus: New Addition
    • Sunless Barrens: New Addition
    • Penmawr Island: New Addition
    • Vauban Pass: New Addition
    • Brisach Forest: New Addition
    • North Quel Woods: New Addition
    • South Quel Woods: New Addition
    • North Quel Way: New Addition
    • The Crags: New Addition
    • Boreas Colossus: New Addition
    • Sequanna Colossus: New Addition
    • Midras Ruins: New Addition
    • The Shores of Malice: New Addition
    • Naryad Woods: New Addition
    • Ferig's Battle Camp: New Addition
    • Demig's Battle Camp: New Addition
    • Sawtooth Thicket: New Addition
    • Tenebris Harbor: New Addition
    • Elysian Plains: New Addition
    • Rumor Peaks: New Addition
    • Xenos (town): New Addition
    • Mud (town): New Addition
    • Estgard (town): New Addition
    • Goti (town): New Addition
    • Noreach (town): New Addition
    • Yew (town): New Addition
    • Fortus End (town): New Addition
    • Northwood (town): New Addition
    • Bramble (town): New Addition
    • Celestis (town): New Addition
    • Dara Brae: Changed location. Added interconnection (with Storm's Reach)
    • Italian Militum: Removed
    • Malum Immortui: Removed
    • Painted Caves: Removed
    • Papua: Removed
    • Stinging Tree Hollow: Upgraded to Town
    • Tokuno: Removed
    v.0.2.5 [Other R28 updates not implemented to SotaMap]:

    • Elysium Mines
    v.0.2.4 [02.03.2016]

    • Most scenes have difficulty markers now.
    • Artifice Entrance: New Addition.
    • Paladis Shardfall: New Addition.
    • Rhun Ruins: New Addition.
    • South Drachvald Spur: New Addition.
    • North Drachvald Spur: New Addition.
    • West Vauban Foothills: New Addition.
    • East Vauban Foothills: New Addition.
    • The Sirens Foothills: New Addition.
    • North Hulenhot: New Addition.
    • South Hulenholt: New Addition.
    • Superstition Canyon: New Addition.
    • Opalis Ruins: New Addition.
    • Northwest Blackblade Mountains: New Addition.
    • South Hinterlands: New Addition.
    • North Hinterlands: New Addition.
    • Far Hinterlands: New Addition.
    • North Shattered Hills: New Addition.
    • South Shattered Hills: New Addition.
    • Blackblade Foothills: New Addition.
    • Middle Downs: New Addition.
    • South Broken Road: New Addition.
    • Broochash - NPC Town: New Addition.
    • Eastmarch - NPC Town: New Addition.
    • Port Graff - NPC Town: New Addition.
    • Graff Island - NPC Town: New Addition.
    • Brookside - NPC Town: New Addition.
    • Spite - NPC Town: New Addition.
    • Storms Reach - NPC Town: New Addition.
    • Shadow’s Rest - POT Town: New Addition.
    • Astoria - POT Town: New Addition.
    • Celestial Gardens - POT Town: New Addition.
    • Gensfield - POT Town: New Addition.
    • Isle of Apples - POT Town: New Addition.
    • Nowheresville - POT Town: New Addition.
    • The Stormlands - POT Town: New Addition.
    v.0.2.4 [Other R27 updates not implemented to SotaMap]:

    • The Gloaming Grotto
    • Ayrshire (nested in Owl’s Head).
    • Bearskin Grotto (nested in Port Phoenix)
    • Brickbay (nested in Jaanaford).
    • Bricksands (nested in Desolis).
    • Bricksium (nested in Aerie).
    • Bricktown (nested in Soltown).
    • Brickvald (nested in Port Graff).
    • Caden Ben (nested in Aerie).
    • Dragonhame (nested in Oceania).
    • Glacebourg (nested in Admont).
    • Magincia (nested in Oceania).
    • Mizell Thapae (nested in Resolute).
    • Olde Haven (nested in Owl’s Head).
    • Painted Caves (nested in Oceania).
    • Papua (nested in Oceania).
    • Siren Song Bayou (nested in Port Phoenix).
    • Storm’s End (nested in The Stormlands).
    v.0.2.3 [30.01.2016]
    • Specto Mori: New Addition.
    • Perfectus Mori: New addition.
    • Pirate’s Den: New addition.
    • Welcome Center: New addition.
    • Ager Mori: New addition.
    • Silverthorn: New addition.
    • Redwood Isle: New addition.
    • Longfall roads: New addition.
    • Aerie water connections: New addition.
    • Sidus Clarum: New addition.
    • Covenant of the Phoenix: New addition.
    • Concord Haven: New addition.
    • Portus Mori: Renamed (formerly Port Beran). Converted to Forest. Changed Location.
    • Prime Mori: Renamed (formerly High Rock). Converted to Grasslands. Changed Location.
    • Italian militum: Renamed (formerly Little Italy).
    • Bloodstone: Changed owner. Renamed (formerly Hidden Oasis). Converted to Grasslands.
    • Findupre: Changed Location.
    • Iron Gate: Converted to Grasslands. Changed location. Interconnections (with Port Phoenix and Jade Valley).
    • Green Acres: Renamed (formerly Blackrock Point). Changed location. Converted to Grasslands.
    • Mortem Praedonum: Renamed (formerly Porth Mae). Converted to Underground. Changed location.
    • Beran’s Reach: Renamed (formerly Victory Arena). Upgraded to Metropolis.
    • Siken: Renamed (formerly Scrunt). Converted to Grasslands.
    • Vanguard: Converted to Grasslands. Relocated to mainland Novia.
    • Dawn’s Keep: Changed Location.
    • Malum Immortui: Upgraded to City. Changed location.
    • Neath: Changed Location.
    • Dragomir (Precious Peace): Upgraded to Metropolis.
    • Finchfield: Changed Location (minor).
    • Kai: Changed Owner. Upgraded to Village.
    • Krabnevir: Upgraded to City.
    • Lyonesse: Upgraded to Metropolis.
    • Mediolanum: Upgraded to Metropolis.
    • Snug Harbor: Converted to Island.
    • Red Hook Caverns: New addition.
    • Refugees Haven: Upgraded to City.
    • Serpent’s Watch: Upgraded to Crossroads Village.
    • Radio City: Upgraded to Crossroads Village.
    • FrostSpire: Changed owner.
    • North Varisalla Foothills - new addition.
    • Sanctus Spine - new addition.
    • Dysborg - new addition.
    • Resolute - new addition.
    • Aerie - new addition.
    • Ferry to Elysium - new addition.
    • Ferry to Aerie - new addition.
    • Boat to Storms Reach - new addition.
    • Boat to Aerie - new addition.
    • Dark Hart: New addition.
    • Antilles Cove: New Addition (under Pirate’s Den).
    • Carmel: New addition. Nested in Brittany Graveyard.
    • Gretch: New addition. Nested in Vertas.
    • It’s a Town: New addition (under Ardoris via boat near the boat to Kingsport).
    • New Vesper: New addition. Nested in Soltown.
    • Port Lihan: New addition (under Beran’s Reach).
    • Tokuno: New addition.
    • Winterbourne: New addition. Nested in Vertas.
    • Blackbear Cove (Sea Cave): Interconnection (with Blackbear Cove (Surface)).
    • Blackrock Cove: Interconnection (with Hy-Brasil, Obsidian Ridge, and Stonegate).
    • Bravehaven: Removed interconnection with Rift’s End (too far apart).
    • Caladruin: Interconnection (nested in Resolute).
    • Château du Lys: Interconnection (with BattleDale).
    • Brewood: Converted to Grasslands.
    • Cornerstone: Converted to Swamp.
    • Cottage Grove: Converted to Grasslands.
    • Dara Brae: Converted to generic Island template.
    • Diamond Fields: Converted to Island.
    • Lacedaemon: Downgraded to Hamlet.
    • Gladsheim: Converted to Grasslands.
    • Golden Cove: Added interconnections to PaxLair community.
    • Gravewater Shores: Converted to Desert.
    • Heorth: Converted to Grasslands.
    • Hometown: Converted to Grasslands. Moved onto mainland.
    • Hy-Brasil: Interconnection (with Blackrock Cove).
    • Jade Valley: Interconnection (with Iron Gate).
    • Minock: Interconnection (with Obsidian Ridge).
    • Moonshire Downs: Converted to Grasslands.
    • Obsidian Ridge: Interconnection (with Minock and Blackrock Cove).
    • Obsidian Sepulcher: Renamed (formerly Obsianus Sepulcher).
    • Oceania: Interconnection (with Tokuno).
    • Old Penshire Wharf: Interconnection (with Horned Society). Upgraded to Village.
    • Paws: Converted to Grasslands.
    • Phoenix Fields: Converted to Grasslands.
    • Port Phoenix: Interconnection (with Iron Gate). Interconnection (Bloodstone)
    • Rats Nest Catacombs: Renamed (formerly Shadow Vault). Set as Open PvP. Nested in Rats Nest (previously Desolis).
    • Rats Nest: Interconnection (with Rats Nest Catacombs).
    • Rift’s End: Removed interconnection with Bravehaven (too far apart).
    • Serenity’s Edge: Converted to Grasslands.
    • Sparrowfall: Converted to Grasslands.
    • Stonegate: Interconnection (with Blackrock Cove). Converted to Grasslands.
    • Tear: Converted to Grasslands. Changed Location (minor).
    • Tenakill: Converted to Grasslands.
    • White Hart on Abundis: Interconnection (with White Hart and Dark Hart).
    • White Hart: Interconnection (with White Hart on Abundis and Dark Hart).
    v.0.2.2 [18.12.2015]
    • POT Map Maker: LIVE!!!
    • Custom Marker - fixed
    • Dracheninsel: Upgraded to Metropolis
    • Isle of Ghosts: Upgraded to Hamlet
    • Salvation: New addition to Novia
    • FrostSpire: Chaned location
    • Heorth: Changed location
    • Jade Valley: Upgraded to Town. Updated boat locations
    • Malus: Changed location. Added interconnection with Serenite and Vengeance
    • Nivenshire: Upgraded to City
    • PenFranc Folklore: New addition to Hidden Vale
    • Sanguine Stand: Changed location
    • Pineville: New addition to Novia
    • Soggy Bottom: Renamed (formerly Staplendun)
    • Wizards Rest: Upgraded to Crossroads Village
    • South Varisalla Foothills: New addition to Novia
    • North Naryad Pinelands: New addition to Novia
    • Kiln: New addition to Novia
    • Old Penshire Wharf: Added interconnection with Rats’ Nest
    • Isle of Nylorac: Upgraded to Hamlet
    • The Barrowlands: Upgraded to Village
    • Fox Keep: Removed POT; pledge converted to store credits
    • Corvus Peak: Added interconnection with Horned Society
    • Horned Society: Added interconnection with Corvus Peak and Verdantis Shardfall
    • Kai: Added interconnection with Misika
    • Misika: Added interconnection with Kai
    • Port Phoenix: Updated boat locations
    • Rats’ Nest: Added interconnection with Old Penshire Wharf
    • Serenite: Added interconnection with Malus and Vengeance
    • Sparrowfall: Updated boat locations
    • Tarakan: New addition (under Redmill)
    • Vengeance: Added interconnection with Malus and Serenite
    v.0.2.1 [26.11.2015]
    • New popup template: SotaWiki link, Location Map, Available Plots, External link
    • Solania map - New addition
    • Rotated Markers - New addition
    • Layers Control - New addition
    • Paladis Shardfall - New addition
    • Bridge near Brittany - New addition
    v.0.2.0 [19.11.2015]
    • Aschfahl Festung - Location change. Upgrade to Metropolis
    • Brittany Graveyard - New addition
    • Mariah Overlook - New addition
    • Falling Waters Fortress - Location change
    • Illusive Passage - Location change
    • Liberty - Location Change
    • Mith’ril Un’derdarc - New addition
    • Mynwent - New addition
    • Serenity’s Edge - New addition. Upgrade to City
    • Bravehaven - New addition
    • Brewood - New addition
    • Foundation - Upgrade to City
    • Neath - Upgrade to Holdfast
    • Nivenshire - Upgrade to City
    • Bastion’s Point - Upgrade to Village
    • Serpent’s Watch - Upgrade to Village
    • Rift’s End - Convert to Island
    • Moonshire Downs - Upgrade to Crossroads Village
    • The Caverns of Kahli - Convert to Underground. Renamed
    • Phoenix Fields - Convert to Swamp. Renamed
    • Unterwelt - Set as Open PVP
    • Fox Keep - Upgrade to Metropolis
    • Tear - Convert to Forest
    • Drachensteig - Upgrade to Village
    • Vanguard Ruins - Convert to Underground. Upgrade to Crossroads Village
    • Hawaii - New addition (under Oceania)
    • Unter Kampf - New addition (under Aschfahl Festung)
    • Veger - New addition (under Desolis)
    • Isle of Nylorac - New addition (under Kingsport)
    • Jeffrey Point - New addition (under Brittany Graveyard)
    • Knowhere - New addition (under PaxLair)
    • Lacedaemon - New addition ( under Brittany Graveyard)
    • Highland Keep of Clan MacDaddy - New addition (under Owl’s Head)
    • Eodon - New addition (under Oceania)
    • Obsianus Sepulcher - New addition (under Rift’s End)
    • Diamond Fields - New addition (under Port Phoenix)
    • Blood Omen Caverns - New addition (under Radio City)
    • Hidden Oasis - Changed owner
    v.0.1.9 [15.11.2015]

    • Soltown city map
    • Donate button
    • Migration to Leaflet 1.0

    v.0.1.8 [01.11.2015]
    • Various icons for the NPC towns and POT
    • Towns are now separate vector layer
    • Artemis Outland - New addition
    • Victory Arena - New addition
    • High Rock - New addition
    • Port Bean - New addition
    • Forth Mae - New addition
    • The Highlands - New addition
    • Finchfeld - New addition
    • Memphomai - New addition
    • Highvale - New addition
    • Johnna's Bluff - New addition
    • Aschfahl Festunq - New addition
    • Scrunt - New addition
    • Hawkwind Harbor - New addition
    • Enclave - Moved to a new location
    • Traders Hill - Moved to a new location
    • Oasis - Moved to a new location
    • Krabnevir - Moved to a new location
    • Cornerstone - Moved to a new location
    • Lyonesse - Converted to Island / Changed Location
    • Astrum - Converted to Island / Changed Location
    • Drakenhof - Converted to Forest / Changed Location
    • Rusthaven - Converted to Island / Changed Location
    • Serenity's Edge - Renamed (formerly Grelastadt) / Changed Location
    • Calain - Renamed (formerly Bortuga) / Changed Location
    • Dooms Den - Renamed (formerly Hollywood)
    • Merri's Hideaway - Upgraded to Hamlet
    • Serpent's Watch - Upgraded to Hamlet
    • Stormsong Vale - Upgraded to Hamlet
    • Dragomir - Upgraded to City
    • Dragon's Fall - Upgraded to City
    v.0.1.8 [Other R23 updates not implemented to SotaMap]:
    • Skuggrike - New addition (under Morkradd)
    • The Barrowlands - New addition (under The Highlands)
    • Le Chateau Rouge - New addition (under Greyhold)
    • Fox Keep - New addition (under Forth Mae)
    • Gravewater Shores - New addition (under Trysull)
    • Vale St. Julie - New addition (under Ardoris)
    • Tear - Converted to Snowy Mountains
    • The Caverns of Kahli' - Converted to Underground
    • Unterwelt - Converted to Underground
    • Wizards Rest - Converted to Snowy Mountains
    • Badger Hollow - Converted to Underground
    • Blackbear Cove - (Sea Cave)Converted to Underground
    • Dragon's End - Converted to Snowy Mountains
    • FrostSpire - Converted to Snowy Mountains
    • Hamberia - Converted to Snowy Mountains
    • Illusive Cavern - Converted to Underground
    • Jagged Hold - Converted to Snowy Mountains
    • Dragons Watch - Converted to Underground
    • Malficium - Converted to Underground
    • Malum Immortui - Converted to Underground
    • Minoc - Converted to Underground
    • Neath - Converted to Underground
    • Raven's Head South - Converted to Underground
    • Refugees Hideout - Converted to Underground
    • Owl Sky City - Converted to Snowy Mountains
    • Sea Nymph Grotto - Converted to Underground
    v.0.1.7 [06.10.2015]
    • Sea Nymph Grotto: New addition
    • Thalyscira: New addition
    • Malficium: New addition
    • Ayens: New addition
    • Ironhall: New addition
    • Little Italy: New addition
    • Port Arx Draconis: New addition
    • Jackalotopia: New addition
    • Stonegate: New addition
    • Refugees Haven: New addition
    • Dragon's End: New addition
    • Forptycle: New addition
    • Owl Sky City: New addition
    • Merri's Hideout: New addition
    • Wightwick: New addition
    • Mediolanum: New addition
    • Chaos Crossroads: New addition
    • Beregost: New addition
    • Owl's Rest: New addition
    • Raven's Head: New addition
    • Orion’s Hold: New addition
    • Chateau du Lys: New addition
    • BattleDale: New addition
    • Stinging Tree Hollow: New addition
    • Moonshire Downs: New addition
    • Malum Immortui: Previously named Stonegate Hollows
    • Crag Foothills: Previously named Grags Foothills
    • Ardonair: Previously named Avenguard
    • Rats’ Nest: Previously named Rats Nest
    • Vauban Mountains: Previously named Vaughban Mountains
    • Fels’ Freehold: Previously named Fel's Freehold
    • Blood River: moved to new location
    • Oceania: moved to new location
    • Krabnevir: moved a little bit
    • Morkradd: moved to new location
    • Corvus Peak: Moved next to Horned Society
    • Morkradd: Upgraded to City
    • Blackrock Point: Upgraded to Village
    • Dracheninsel: Upgraded to Crossroads Village
    • Dragomir: Upgraded to Town
    • Dragon’s Fall: Upgraded to Town
    • Elementum: Upgraded to Town
    • Greyhold: Upgraded to Hamlet
    • Heorth: Upgraded to Metropolis
    • Hy-Brasil: Upgraded to Village
    • Islands of Wonders: Upgraded to City
    • Krabnevir: Upgraded to Town
    • Raven’s Head: Upgraded to Crossroads Village
    • SilverHold: Upgraded to Crossroads Village
    • The Drowned Mountains: Upgraded to Village
    • Brickport: Upgraded to Town
    • Morkradd: Upgraded to City
    v.0.1.6 [23.09.2015]
    • Embed map
    • Share link
    • Share custom marker
    • Custom marker
    • User registration (It works , but the lack of benefits for signing)
    v.0.1.5 [18.09.2015]
    • Search engine bugs fixed
    • Credits added
    • Contact form added
    • Change Log added
    v.0.1.4 [15.09.2015]
    • Completely new, high resolution map
    • Transparent markers
    • Additional 40 POI
    • Spelling corrected

    I hope it will be useful.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2017
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  3. monkeysmack

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    your mom's house
    Nice map! :)
    The search bar seems broken. When I type, it brings up a list of results that quickly disappears. I'm using Firefoxxy.
    *Edit* I type in 'Craig' and this happens. It's doing a lookup per character typed. Maybe add a delay after the first results listing to give someone time to select an item. Or wait for a space to return results.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2015
  4. Duffrey Blake

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    Just amazing. Love it. Thank you Jakub White.
  5. Senash Kasigal

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    Edge, Opera, Firefox, Chrome - all ok here.
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  7. Dinsoo

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    This is amazing! Thank you!!!!
  8. Duke Lorimus

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    Excellent work my good man..
  9. monkeysmack

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    your mom's house
    Firefox 40.0.3
    I edited my comment above. It appears to work as expected (not bug) but the behavior is not the most desired.. particularly for us spelling impaired types.
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  10. Satan Himself

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    That is stunning, thank you.

    FYI you're missing Wizards Rest which is in the far NNE corner of the Hidden Vale just past Northshire.
  11. Atticus Gryphonheart

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    Pittsburg, CA
    WoW, way cool...Thanks...
  13. Bubonic

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    wonderful work!
  14. Daxxe Diggler

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    Virtue Oasis - Hidden Vale
    Really well done Jakub!

    @monkeysmack ... there is no "Craig" location to find. If you type Crag (no i) you should get the available results just fine.
  15. Arjac

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    @monkeysmack I changed some behavior of the search field . Please check if this helps.

    @Daxxe Diggler has right. I will be more than pleased if you could give me some feedback about misspellings.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2015
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    This is a beautiful and useful map! Thank you for making it available.
  18. mdsota152

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    Absolutely beautiful!
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  19. Arjac

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    @Budner I will add it in next version.
    Thanks :)
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  20. Kara Brae

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    I especially like the clear pathways, and will definitely try out this map following the roads. Being directionally challenged, I rely on a good map to get anywhere :confused:

    Is there a path to the southern part of Norgard? My next trek will be to that area of the map.
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