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Spawning in single / party story scenes

Discussion in 'Release 38 Feedback Forum' started by Carlin the Druid Archer, Feb 4, 2017.

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  1. Carlin the Druid Archer

    Carlin the Druid Archer Avatar

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    New Britannia
    @Lum the Mad

    I've been playing through some of the story to get an idea of how it has improved since I last tried, quite a few releases back.

    One thing that bothers me considerably is that creatures re-spawn in these story scenes, and quite quickly in many.

    I can understand why spawning is needed in the multiplayer 'grinding' scenes but the story scenes are the one opportunity for a player to feel like they are actually having an impact on the world.

    For example, I went to the Crypt of the Avatar and started clearing out some of the skeletons in the lower level. I'm not a super high level player, but not a beginner either. It was quite a struggle to clear these out, as a solo player (with a bit of help from Samuel). BUT as soon as I had cleared a few and went to rest and recoup, they had all spawned again!

    This really frustrated me and took away any enjoyment I might have gotten from the scene. So I gave up.

    Next I made my way to Spite, to carry on the quest. To my dismay, I struck the exact same thing there. Monsters respawning as fast as I could kill them. I gave up on the storyline again, in the hope that this might one day be resolved.

    I really enjoy RPGs where I can 'clear out' an area. I guess it is fine if they re-spawn if I exit the scene and come back, but really not much fun when they just reappear as I'm playing.
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  2. Laurana

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    I wonder if they could use the same system that is used in the starting scenes to switch between two different states for the story scenes based on your quest status? This way when you first enter to do the quest nothing would respawn but if you came back to that scene after clearing it it would behave the way it does now.
  3. Lord_Darkmoon

    Lord_Darkmoon Avatar

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    Yes I agree. It destroys the sense of achieving something, have an impact on the world and it destroys the believability of the world - where do all those enemies come from?
    Also it supports the grinding aspect of the game when - according to Richard Garriott - SotA isn't about grinding.
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