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Spoken Word...

Discussion in 'The Bards of Poets' Circle' started by Razimus, May 14, 2015.

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  1. Razimus

    Razimus Avatar

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    I was invited by Holt Ironfell of the Poet's Circle to work on a piece, writing a poem and voice acting it. He asked me 1 year and 1 month ago, I finally finished it. Well this thread can be a discussion on voice acting, and spoken word type things.

    It seems my spoken word poem might sound better sung slightly, with music slightly in the background. So I still keep this open for anyone wanting to discuss spoken word poems.

    Would you rather hear a spoken word poem, or a bard playing an instrument while a poem is being sung? I think after thinking about it, I'd probably be more inclined to stick around a tavern if even slight music was involved which is why I'm going to re-record it for music, but only half-way, spoken slash almost singing.
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  2. Katrina Bekers

    Katrina Bekers Localization Team

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    Kópavogur, Iceland
    You could contact the many active NBTT or AvatarsRadio people, and have your work uploaded on YouTube or Soundcloud, and referenced/advertised in forum, on radio, on IRC, etc.
  3. Tartness

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    Really looking forward to hearing the finished work! As for your question, I think it really depends on the work and skill of the writer/musician involved and of course your audience :) Probably no right answer unless the question is, which one do you enjoy the most when you are finished!
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