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Standard Loot Pass Please

Discussion in 'Release 49 QA Feedback Forum' started by Aartemis, Dec 11, 2017.

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  1. Aartemis

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    Cleveland, Ohio
    Hi Guys,

    Ok - Great job on all the new Components and Patterns! Really though, you need to make a pass on what stuff drops on a regular. Its REALLY, Really bad and frustrating. T6+ Undead are dropping the same Shoddy Bows they did back when it was T3. Rusty Swords? T6? Seriously - If you are looking for things that will make the public shake their heads when they play, this is one glaring hole.

    How many Triangle shields can one person loot? At least mix them up and have them made of different materials and cost values.

    While I am here.. Clothes! Wow, what a disparity here between Those in the Carpentry/Smithing industry and those in Light armor. You have to get some basic drops that can be salvaged that are not in crates and Barrels. You can't make every drop have a rare find, but what DOES drop needs to be at least somewhat interesting and different over the lifespan of the game.

    Elves are pretty good...Nice changes there for loot levels but please, make a good pass on Undead and Bandits general loot. It will make waiting for all the cool fun stuff drops much better!

    Oh yeah, I get Undeads should not be carrying primo condition gear but how about rusty bronze weapons, or shoddy rock maple longbows? Taddered leather and cloth pieces... You guys really don't want to launch with loot tables like this.

    I've pretty much been sitting back and waiting for it to get done, but we're nearing the EP1 finish line and I am now worried it won't until afterwards.

    Thanks for listening!
  2. Lord Ravnos

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    I know for sure this is on the Top 10 before release. If they haven't touched undead/bandit gear yet, they will. :) Totally agree tailoring needs a bit more of a chance to drop salvageable items, like a "tattered shirt" even.
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