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Starting a new Avatar at the Isle of Storms

Discussion in 'Offline Mode' started by Paladin Michael, Dec 12, 2017.

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    Following bugs - most I told before - are still there:

    1. I can take books while not incarnated - spooky! (at the ankh and in the oracle confirmatory)
    2. I can open the door of the oracle confirmatory while not incarnated
    (Instead I wish I could go through walls later in game ;) - well, that's another story ...)
    3. My decisions made me a Ranger (still on the path of the bow - that's also another story ...)
    Choosing "Mage" and "Fighter" after I was a "Ranger", with permisson of the Oracle,
    produces entries in Journal. Changing back to "Ranger" makes no entry!

    4. After entering the lunar rift and arriving in Solace Bridge:
    The task "Enter the lunar rift" ist still on the screen (not checked!) but not in Journal (that's ok!)
    5. Running back to Arabella, after I faced the mirror and incarnated,
    the help on screen reads, Arabella told me I should meet the mirrow - to incarnate ...
    From now it only should read, that I should follow the path like it was told to me ...
    ( I can read in Journal, who (Arabella or the Oracle) told me what to do)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.