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Stuck in Quest Mode

Discussion in 'Quests, Conversations, & NPC's' started by Kynral, Jan 29, 2019.

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    01/29/2019 19:46
    Title: Stuck in Quest Mode
    Reproduction Rate: 100%
    Blocker? stuck in quest mode
    Details: in-game. stuck in quest mode. /loc Area: Hilt Fortress (Novia_R3_Hills02_Hilt_Interior/Quest) Shroud quest has been completed. No Vermilion lens in inventory however the quests are still listed in my quest log. I am unable to enter Hilt with party
    Steps to Reproduce: Enter Hilt Fortress with party not currently on the quest
    User Specs:
    OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz (8) System RAM: 8151
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M GPU RAM: 2018
    Area: Novia
    Area Display Name: Novia
    Loc: (32.1, 16.9, 37.9)
    Debug: Tm92aWF8fCgzMi4xNCwgMTYuOTUsIDM3LjkyKXwoMCwgLTAuNzQ3LCAwLCAtMC42NjUpfDg4LjI3MTE5fDI0LjkxNDc2fDIw
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.