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[Submitted 68533] Intermittent issue typing emotes and keywords

Discussion in 'Quests, Conversations & NPCs' started by ArdRhi, Dec 28, 2020.

  1. ArdRhi

    ArdRhi Avatar

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    I have been having the problem for a few days now. It prevents certain gameplay that requires entering some keywords into chat. This makes it necessary to work around the inability to type in keywords by clicking on underlined words and finding the right keywords to click on.

    It makes prompting NPCs very difficult, and might make some impossible. If the keyword you need can't be maneuvered into showing as a clickable word in the NPC's text, and isn't in the clickable keywords beneath the chat, you can't say it to them. I have intermittent problems with slashed commands like "/play" or "/playlist" or "/AFK", and emotes are erratic. They sometimes work and sometimes they don't. When the problem is occurring, you can type in the word but pressing enter does nothing. It just sits there.

    These repro recipes have worked erratically. For a day or so they were steadily failing, then I found a partial workaround. These may not be 100% reproduceable for everyone. I will try to figure out what is triggering this condition and will amend the post accordingly.

    Repro Recipe:
    Log into SOTA
    Equip a musical instrument.
    Press enter to open chat.
    Type "/play" and hit enter. If the bug is in effect, the keyword does not even send. It just sits in the chat box text line. Repeated hitting of "enter" usually does nothing. Sometimes, repeated enters will make the keyword fire, but it isn't predictable.

    Alternate Recipe:
    Log into SOTA
    Travel to the Oracle and enter the room
    Double-click the Oracle to interact
    In the interaction chat, type a keyword that normally works, such as "truth", "love", "courage" or "test". In my interactions, the keyword is not acted upon and the UI doesn't even allow it to be sent by hitting enter. Nothing happens if this issue is in effect.
    If, however, you have these keywords in the clickable keyword portion of the UI, click on them and they will work. Just typing them in the interaction chat does nothing.

    Here is where things get interesting. I found that I could deactivate the bug temporarily by:
    - toggling the profanity filter on chat on and off
    - changing the language from English to any other language, then back again
    - both of these
    - resetting the control bindings to default, then changing them back to the custom settings (I set toggle cursor to middle mouse button)
    - if an emote (i.e., "/AFK", etc) does not fire when entered, try another one. That one will frequently fire, and then the first one will. Then something changes and they stop working again.
    - logging off and back in sometimes clears the issue, sometimes not.

    I first noticed this issue sometime around Christmas, when I found I couldn't get a new instrument to play. Then I noticed issues with keyword entry, including the keywords "truth", "love", "courage", and "test" in a conversation with the Oracle. I had to find the words in underlined text to trigger them with a click rather than typing them in and pressing enter.
  2. Sannio

    Sannio Lead Quest and Level Designer Moderator SOTA Developer

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    Usually I'd say this sounds like a bizarre connectivity issue, but some of the details make me wonder. Passing this to a programmer. Issue #68533
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  3. ArdRhi

    ArdRhi Avatar

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    I've continued to have this issue sporadically. I'll find myself unable to chat with anyone, or even bring up the chat box by hitting enter. What temporarily fixes it is to go to settings>language and set the language from English to something else. Click OK on the "you will need to restart" prompt, but then immediately set the selection back to English. Then typing will work for a while. I have not figured out what triggers the condition. Next time it happens, I'll try logging out and back in to see if that fixes it. Perhaps it's a persistent connectivity problem that relogging can fix, though the language settings workaround make that seem a little odd. I'll keep trying to figure out what triggers it.