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Suggestion for Showing Locked items on Paper doll

Discussion in 'Release 50 Feedback Forum' started by Rinaldi, Jan 28, 2018.

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    Perhaps Port can consider the following suggestions:

    1) Add an option button for the paper doll, which would include the options shown below. I find that when repairing my items, i do not always remember to re-lock them. I have to check each one on my paper doll to see if they are locked by right clicking. It would be nice to see which items are locked, and to be able to click one button to lock all equipped items.
    2) "Show Locked Items" on paper doll - selecting this option would show which items are locked (see red arrow below)
    3) It would be nice to be able to drag & drop a repair kit or essence onto the paper doll and repair a locked item. If you try that now, nothing happens. It seems to me that locked items should behave the following way:
    a. Cannot be removed from inventory by oneself (but can be removed by PVP loot or stealing)
    b. cannot be destroyed while in your inventory
    c. Can be repaired while in your inventory​
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