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Summoned Daemon attack animation problems

Discussion in 'Player Characters, Animations, & Emotes' started by Perashim, Jun 22, 2018.

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    1. Title: A summoned Daemon's attacks still use the animation as if it were using the pitchfork, but it doesn't, which makes the attacking animation look odd. Additionally, when repeatedly using its Daemon Chaos ability, the Summoned Daemon will bug itself and use the standard attack animation or do nothing at all. This may happen 1-2 additional times before it uses its normal casting animation.
    2. Reproduction Rate: 100%
    3. Blocker: No
    4. Details: When attacking, the Summoned daemon will thrust and swipe at its enemy, despite not having its pitchfork. When using it's Daemon Chaos ability, it twists its fist in a way that suggests that it is holding something that is not there. It may stand completely idle or use the normal melee attack animation when it casts Daemon Chaos.
    5. Steps to Reproduce: Step 1: Log into the game. Step 2: Enter a location where a summon skill can be used. Step 3: Summon the Daemon. Step 4: Order the Daemon to attack a creature. Step 5: Observe the Daemon's attack animations and the Daemon Chaos cast animations.
    6. User Specs: PC running Windows 8, 64 bit OS, Game Release 54.
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