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swamp road stag encounter problems

Discussion in 'World Building, Scenes, Environment, & Overworld' started by Alley Oop, Feb 13, 2018.

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  1. Alley Oop

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    2/13/2018 3:59 PM
    Title: swamp road stag encounter problems
    Reproduction Rate: 1/?
    Blocker? no
    Details: i triggered a stag encounter near northmarsh.
    Area: Swamp Road Encounter (RandomEncounter_Swamp01_Road/Stag_Dragon_HiddenVale) Loc: (46.4, 18.8, -56.7)

    a: no stags. no mobs at all i could see, just swamp gasses.

    b: when i left, i was in novia at the boat to the vale.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    User Specs:
    OS: Linux 4.14 ManjaroLinux 17.1.4 64bit
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00GHz (4) System RAM: 15993
    GPU: GeForce GTX 970/PCIe/SSE2 GPU RAM: 4096
    Area: Novia
    Area Display Name: Novia
    Loc: (127.6, 12.1, 109.1)
    Debug: Tm92aWF8fCgxMjcuNjMxLCAxMi4xMDYsIDEwOS4xMil8KDAsIC0wLjgxOSwgMCwgLTAuNTczKXwxMzcuMDQ0OXw0NS43NTg1OHw0MA==
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.