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Taming/Animal Collars + Taming/Animal Necklace

Discussion in 'Release 65 Feedback' started by CatweazleX, Apr 26, 2019.

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  1. CatweazleX

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    The animal collar recipes _is_ removed from the game. I can not craft a animal collar on the tailoring table.
    Please re-add the animal collar recipe. It gives some extra crafting XP when crafting animal collars the old way. Since two steps are needed.
    The discoverable recipe i was not able to test, since no animal collars on stock.

    Please make it so, that the craft-able animal pipe/necklace needed to produce a taming necklace is the wooden taming necklace. And remove the wooden necklace from the merchants.
    Means the carpenter can produce the wooden taming necklace and the alchemist can improve the wooden taming necklace to a taming necklace.

    (The same can be done with animal collar and taming collar. Eg. The wooden Taming Necklace gives a de-buff on taming and combat training and the animal collar also. Using silver on the alchemy table improves both and this items do not have a de-buff)

    What make the taming costly for beginners are the taming collars. Beginners do not get the silver as easy and not as much as they "waste" taming collars. The taming necklace isn't the problem, they are re-usable and never loose durability.
    To help tamers to get started it is more helpful to have cheap collars.
    There where recipes for animal collar and animal necklace. Both where made to a taming collar/necklace on the alchemy table. I think it is more logical that the animal collar and necklace becomes usable for taming but with a % de-buff for combat training and taming skill. So that they are less usable at higher levels.
    Higher level tamers and alchemists should use the original recipes to improve the animal collar and necklace, so they do not have a de-buff any-more. And tamers are able to use their full skill.

    I would also suggest to introduce a tamer gem. There is quartz in-game that currently is of no use. This quartz can be used to make taming jewels and gems from them. (Like the other uncut gems). The taming necklace, and may the other socket-able items, can be enchanted with gems and jewels to raise the combat training and taming skill. This can become mandatory to tame the strongest pets (taming) and have them stronger (combat training skill), so that only specialized tamers with taming gems can have the strongest pets.

    In the case both, a animal collar and a taming collar, are in the inventory the better one is used first. People may use the "lock to inventory" to control which collars they want to use.
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    Suck it up people things change i began my career making taming collars and necklaces ppl would trade me leather and ore il supply necklaces and collars you want silver at low levles do desert encoumters or white guard silvermine
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