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Taming Specialization exactly as expected , yes here is the Bad again . . .

Discussion in 'Release 51 Feedback Forum' started by Weins201, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. Weins201

    Weins201 Avatar

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    As predicted the Taming Specialization is as underwhelming and disappointing as expected.

    1st it is almost not much more than a boost to another skill already in the tree - Combat Training
    yes it does now say that there is a chance to remove negative effects in Heal and reagent / focus reduction to Res - the effects on resurrection are pointless
    2nd it uses up one of my specialization restricting my diversity - sure I choose to be a tamer but I already have 600+ levels spent there and the tree was useless before so this really is not a balance or fix

    3rd I give up any bonuses from a necklace no other special takes something away as much.

    I have only worked it up to level 10 and not going higher ATM. True is only cost 2500 Exp so not a lot to raise the HP on my FRS 34 points to 481. BUT during this training here are the steps in HP for each level 9,5,1,4,9,1,5 is from level 2 - 10 why is there such weirds step 9 at one skill 1 in another.

    I have given up a lot of time and effort to train the skills in the tree with over 600+ level and who knows how many millions of exp to have it marginalized and "Fixed" with something that fixes nothing.

    I have given many ideas, and been very vocal about it. I am soo happy players are happy with what they have been given but this is the "first" day after Christmas in a month it will be the same Blah.


    It is sad that if I go further all I am getting is pet strength, while other players are getting resists, hits for insane amounts, . . . . . . .

    Lastly to those who want to post all I am doing is bitching - Left click on my name and ignore me, posting comments like that pointless.
  2. palmer1969

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    Yeah I took Taming as my 2nd spec and only got it up to 60 with my other skills in tree at 80, it seems the hp almost doubles by 80 and right now my dmg from pet increased around 7 to 8 points per hit on avg. I too noticed the HP inconsistencies in levels while raising.

    What I find strange is that the HP is doubling but the heal creature skill didn't get a boost so now I have to cast twice as many heals. This should have at least gotten a bump or raise the out of combat regen for the pets as it's 1 hp/sec now.

    I find this Taming spec to be underwhelming right behind Ranged but at least the pets are somewhat viable now for survival and as a secondary dot. 3.6Mil with the only real benefit being the HP doubling and minor dmg boost.

    I agree this tree needs some added bling to make it more interesting for the investment. The summon necklace should at least be enchantable to make up for that lost slot.

    Chris mentioned that the pets should be able to solo a mob 3 tiers higher than it. Well right now my Ob bear fighting the same wild bear that had a 4 hp difference and my pet ended up winning with 70 hp left which required lots of heals back to full after the fight:). I'm not sure at GM that the pets will really be able to achieve that T3 difference as it stands now.
  3. Gurney2

    Gurney2 Avatar

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    OMG that wont bring Rya back :/