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tecnical issues

Discussion in 'Release 62 Feedback' started by Pelantan, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Pelantan

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    #1 I hope this is the right place, if not, please let me know where exactly to post and I will go there.
    #2 I'm looking for settings tips for better game performance. I already tried Discord but they seem to be more interested in how much money I paid for my GFX and brag about how much they paid for theirs.

    Title: Game lags and temporarily stops responding.
    happens every time I launch, but it is a new installation. I am a new player.

    Win 10 64 bit AMD A10 4-core. 8gb ram. Radeon HD gfx broadband internet
    Issues: I get a lot of lag, and freezeups. So I launched Taskmanager to monitor it. I see the game using as much as 60% cpu at times and as much as 5gb ram at times.

    I changed some graphics settings and while this did help, it still isn't perfect. One thing that leads me to believe there are more settings I could look into os that when ever I go to the world map (where I can go from town to town) or when I enter a town, I get loading issues. It ALWAYS hangs at 50% and then randomly above that. sometimes takes as much as 2 minutes or more to load.

    Game can take 5 minutes to load.

    I have rebooted. I have tried it in win8 compatability mode.
    *I am not using Steam. I downloaded and installed from the website.

    Thanks for any help or advice.
  2. Anpu

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  3. Pelantan

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    yes I meet and exceed the minimum specks but I do not have a solid state hard drive. but it has 3gb access time with a 32 mb cache so I dont think that's causing it. I have true gigabit internet with an average speed of 600 to 900 mb/s so that's not it either. it has to be an ig setting or conflicting software on my end.

    I did try after disabling my AV software and got better results but it is still a bit flaky. It still took a really long time to load up and get to the login screen. the map loading takes several minutes. kind of sad, I used to play UO for many years and while I dont want to go back ( i did pretty much everything there was to do that I know of) I had hoped this would be a good alternative. I dont think I'm going to work on it any more, it isn't worth the time i have spent on it.
    Thanks though!
  4. Feeyo

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    Aelasar’s Forest
    It is your RAM. 8G is really not enough. Minimum is 16G. not sure how they have it om 8 for minimum..
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  5. Elwyn

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    San Antonio, TX
    I may be a bit late, but...
    - 8gb is an absolute bare minimum to run at all, you really need at least 12 or 16
    - install it to SSD to speed up scene loading, it's not a small difference
    - 50% step just takes way longer than the rest, I hope they fix that someday
    - don't use higher resolution than 1080p, there are CPU-bound things that happen with higher resolutions
  6. GMDavros

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    I have a rig that i built just for SotA from the initial release. main drive is SSD, Win8 swapfile is on a 7200rpm hard drive. 8GB ram and a high end radeon video card. Everything has been smooth as silk up until the last set of patches.

    Now i have multi minute wait times while i watch my hard drive get hammered at 100% (assuming this is the swap file). now performance is very choppy.

    I'm sure i could add more RAM, but seriously, i had ZERO problems with play up until the last couple of weeks. Were there any reported memory issues recently?