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Testing Directives on QA: Lord British's Castle

Discussion in 'Player Test Environment (QA Server)' started by Sannio, Sep 14, 2020.

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    Lord British's Castle is a new scene in Mistrendur. It would be nice if I could get some extra eyes on it, and the two small quests associated with it.

    If you want to help out with testing, there are three categories.

    Test scene entry
    Lord British's Castle is accessible from the Mistrendur overworld, slightly north of the cross-continent galleon used to access Mistrendur.
    1. Only players with Episode 2 access should be able to enter this scene.
    2. Enter Lord British's Castle and confirm you can do so without error.
    3. Exit Lord British's Castle and confirm you appear in Mistrendur near where the castle is located.

    Test wave battle areas/rooms
    Once inside the scene, play through the wave battles. The wave battles are "challenge dungeon" style, similar to those in the Compendium of Pain and Suffering (beat a room to access the next, and each room is tougher than the previous).
    1. The start is through a doorway in the hedges.
    2. In each room, there's a plate on the ground near the center. The plate has glowing effects that stop while the room's wave battles are ongoing or finished. Everyone in the scene must stand on the plate to start the battle.
    3. You'll get messages in each area to let you know when a wave or area is complete.
    4. When the area is "won," the wave battles will stop, doors will open, and blue lights will activate to guide you to the next area. Important: No wave battle should respawn after the room is complete.
    5. When the throne room is clear, all wave battles are complete. Also, some additional doors open throughout the area to allow for bonus exploration.

    Test the quests
    There are 2 overlapping quests.
    1. There is a guard named Marisha near the scene entrance. Say "encoded cards" to her to start that quest. Also, say "key" to her to start the other quest.
    2. Proceed through the wave battles. Because you are on the Encoded Card quest, you'll have chances to collect Encoded Card #1, #2, and #3, as well as vault Key #1, #2, and #3.
    3. Encoded Card #1 and key #1 will drop in the early areas, Encoded Card #2 and key #2 will drop in the middle areas, and Encoded Card #3 and key #3 will drop in the last areas.
    4. You can only have 1 of each quest item.
    5. Note that if you started the Encoded Card quest but not the key quest, the keys will still drop for you anyway.
    6. You can turn in any individual key to Marisha.
    7. Both quests are repeatable, but all quest items will cease to drop for the rest of the day after you hand them over.
    There are some other points you can test, but I'll point them behind spoiler tags for those players who like testing but still like a little mystery.

    1. You can turn in all 3 Encoded Cards to Marisha; Marisha will only accept a set of all 3 Encoded Cards. Alternately, you can enter the vault and use the cards to finish the quest by opening the Encoded Safe.
    2. The vault is behind 3 vault doors. Vault door requires key #1, door #2 needs key #2, and door #3 requires key #3.
    3. Anyone about to enter Lord British's vault will get a special message warning them that their virtue will be negatively affected.
    4. If you've recently been in Lord British's vault, Marisha will know and her reward for the Encoded Cards or keys will be modified. Also, if you gave the Encoded Cards to the Encoded Safe, Marisha will know and you won't be rewarded.

    If you test Lord British's Castle please write up any bugs you find. If you check out the scene and don't want to test anything above, that's fine, too. But I'd still love to get feedback from you. :D
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