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Thank you for being a friend - daily / weekly friends list incentives

Discussion in 'Release 71 Feedback' started by Echondas, Nov 7, 2019.

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    With the upcoming ability to “thumbs up” someone’s house - why not reward some benefits for being on the friends list of someone ? Perhaps something like every time someone teleports to friend on you - you get some small buff or bonus, or .. even better how about every first login of the day, you get a daily summary of achievements from the previous day ( or week ) and Friends List interactions could be one of those things measured for that summary? Perhaps stats like:
    # Friends who teleported to you
    # Friends you partied with
    # Friends you traded with
    # Friends you whispered
    # Friends you killed (for PVPers)
    # Friends you ate (for PVPers and cannibals)
    # Friends plants you watered (this would be a nice feature too )
    .. etc

    Then every day you get a bundle based on points accrued from the above (or similar):

    Example :
    1-10 friend points : grey bundle
    11-30 friend points: yellow bundle
    31-60 friend points: blue bundle