Thank you, SotA Community - 'Just 1 Life' Final Results

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    Hey Everybody,

    As you probably know, the AERIE Fund ran a month long campaign in June to help raise awareness and support for suicide prevention in the LGBTQ community, with a majority of the proceeds designated for The Trevor Project, an amazing org that works with at-risk LGBTQ Youth. We were *yet again* blown away by this community's support and generosity in helping us make 'Good Works Through Gaming' possible.

    We've said it before, we'll say it again: the SotA community is the best community in all of gaming. Period.

    Now that all of our T's are crossed, the books are balanced, and the prizes and rewards are shipped - I'm able to provide you our final results of the Just 1 Life Campaign. Here's a breakdown of our fundraising efforts:

    Our goal was to send as much financial support to The Trevor Project as possible. We strive to keep our administrative costs (at AERIE Fund) as low as possible (reward merch, shipping, insurance, hosting fees, legal, etc.) and none of our volunteers or board members take any sort of financial draw. So, we were THRILLED to see that after covering our operating expenses for the Just 1 Life initiative, we were able to send Trevor Project nearly 75% of what was raised! $3000 dollars!




    I spoke with The Trevor Project yesterday, and their financial director shared with me an important analytic. Thanks to your generosity and our combined efforts, our donation of $3000 will impact the lives of over 200 at-risk LGBTQ youth. So, even though we set out to save 'Just 1 Life' we potentially did much more.

    Pretty cool, no?!?


    A very special thanks to Prism Guild and @Lace for her leadership on this initiative. Lace and her crew ran many in-game fundraising events and helped us design the Just 1 Life cloak reward.

    Many thanks to all all of the streamers who worked tirelessly for 48 hours during our Just 1 Life Streamathon on Twitch - it was so epic - 48 hours of gaming, prizes, and awareness.

    And, of course, thanks to Portalarium for building an amazing platform like SotA - a game and a community like no other. They've been very supportive of our crazy experiment that is AERIE Fund, and we hope to serve them and YOU for the many years ahead in New Britannia.


    The Just 1 Life Cloaks will be available in r44 - we will be using the in-game mail system to distribute (woot!). Please contact @Jack SinAssist if you have any questions.

    Phsyical J1L Rewards:
    Have shipped. Expect them in a week or two (maybe longer if you're overseas). If you have any questions, please contact @Lazarus Long .

    Streamathon Prizes:
    The digital rewards have been sent via in-game mail. Please contact @Jack SinAssist if you have any questions. Relics By Rild prizes will be sent per Rild's timetable. He has received the winners list.

    Make A Difference Forum (Now Open):
    Don't forget to check out the new Make a Difference Forum in the SotA Forums. Please stop by, see what we're up to, chat about charitable events and initiatives in game. All discussions/events are welcome (not just AERIE Fund stuff). :p

    If you are an Avatar in need, or know somebody in our community that requires assistance from a catastrophic hardship (health, financial, natural disaster, etc) please visit us at and get in touch. We're here to help. :)


    @DarkStarr @dallas @Lord British @Berek
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