The Basic Guide for Mounts

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    This guide will go over all the basics of the new Mount system currently implemented. I will go over all of the basics needed to obtain a mount that you then can use.

    To dismount from your mount, you will need to press the ESC key on your keyboard while mounted on a horse, by default. Or you can set a keybinding for this command in the Options>Controls>Dismount (ESC if not set).

    As of live build 1313, here are the basics of what you cannot do with mounts currently:

    1. You cannot jump while mounted on a horse.
    2. You cannot fight while mounted.
    3. You cannot interact with most objects or NPC's while mounted.
    4. You will be removed from the mount when using a Cross Continent Galleon, or entering or exiting any scene.
    5. The players size will be placed as normal size while mounted (no matter what size changing effect that might be on you, like the potion of growth, or creepy dolly). The size changing effect will be restored when dismounted.
    6. Emotes do not work while mounted.
    7. No skills or items can be used while mounted.
    8. Entering water will dismount you.
    9. Cloaks will be removed when you mount a horse, but will be put back on when you dismount. If you switch to a different deck that has a cloak, the cloak will be put back on, and the cloak will clip through the horse model (Known Issue).

    What you can do:

    1. You can interact with overland Ferry Boats and will stay mounted.
    2. You can interact with Player Owned Town sign posts, and select different locations, and remain mounted when you are teleported to the new area.
    3. Horses that can be tamed and then traded in for a mount are: Bay Horse, Blanket Horse and Palomino Horse.
    4. You can equip certain one-handed items (in the off-hand slot) while mounted, like a torch.
    5. Falling to the ground when mounted (e.g. riding off a cliff) does not cause a dismount and does not damage the mount, but it still does damage to the player.
    6. You can change combat decks while mounted.
    7. You won't be slowed down when crossing the different terrain types.

    Where you can obtain a mount

    Currently you can purchase several mounts on the in game Crown Shop, by selecting the Crown Shop icon at the top right of your screen while in game.

    If you were a backer of the Mount Stretchgoal, and have any of the following mounts: Appaloosa Foal, Black Foal, Buckskin Foal, Dun Foal, Roan Foal, or White Foal, you can trade those foals in for a domesticated version of the foal (it will then be renamed to Domesticated) and also receive a mount of the same name as the foal.
    For example: You have the Appaloosa Foal from backing the Mount Stretchgoal. You then go to any of the Animal Tamers (see below) and trade in the Appaloosa Foal to the NPC. You will then receive a Appaloosa Foal (Domesticated) and a Appaloosa Horse Mount. When speaking to the NPC, click on the domesticated keyword.

    You can tame the Bay Horse, Blanket Horse and Palomino Horse that are currently in the game, and in various different scenes. You will only need the Tame Creature skill of 1 to tame them (you will only then have a 10% chance).

    Where to trade in a horse for a mount

    You can find the following NPC's that will accept trade in here:

    Nob: The Stable Boy in Owl’s Head
    Bodan Koren: The Master Taming Trainer in Braemar
    Corsten: The Master Tactics Trainer in Desolis
    Falcon: Animal Trainer in Aerie
    Oakley: Stable Girl in Brittany Fields

    Speak to any of these NPC's and while you have any of the currently tradeable creature in your inventory (or whistle), click on the corresponding keyword. Click the domesticated keyword to trade in a stretchgoal foal, or click on the accept a rider keyword to turn in a Taming Necklace that has a horse on it.

    For example: If you tamed a Palomino Horse with your Taming Necklace, speaking to the Animal Trainer on Aerie, will have the keyword accept a rider. Then click on the Palomino Horse keyword, and then give them the Taming Necklace with the Palomino Horse on it. They will then give you a Palomino Horse Mount.

    How to tame a horse in game

    Before you can tame the different horses you will need the following:
    1. You must have the Tame Creature skill in the Taming Tree to at least level 1 (all new players start with this skill learned at level 1).
    2. You will need to craft or purchase from other players vendors a Taming Necklace.
    3. You will need a lot of Taming Collars. These can be crafted, purchased from player vendors or sometimes found in loot drops from humanoid creatures. The amount you will need to tame a creature will vary as this is random. So I cannot give you an exact number of collars to have on hand.
    4. A combat Deck that has the Tame Creature skill in the combat bar.
    5. A scene that has one of the tamable horse types (Bay Horse, Blanket Horse and Palomino Horse).

    Some examples of where to find these horses are: Highvale Outskirts (Blanket Horse and Palomino Horse). Do note, this scene is in forced Open Mode when you enter them, and if you do not see these horses, another player may have tamed a horse recently so they might not be there. Just wait a few minutes and then the horse should reappear.

    Once in a scene that has the horse that you would like to tame, and are standing near the horse:

    1. Equip the Combat Deck that has the Tame Creature skill on the combat bar.
    2. Press the C key and place an unlocked Taming Necklace on your character.
    3. Make sure your inventory has at least 10 Taming Collars.
    4. Double Left Click to select the horse you wish to tame, and get near them.
    5. Press z to go into combat mode. Of note horses will NOT attack you. They will approach you however.
    6. Click on the Tame Creature skill on the combat bar when it shows as selectable.
    7. Wait for the Tame Creature animation to finish. You will then either have failed to tame the horse, or will have tamed the horse, and it will now be added to the Taming Necklace. Repeat step 6 above until you successfully tame the horse. At a skill level of 1, this could use up between 1 to 10 taming collars.

    After you have obtained the Taming Necklace with the horse you wish as a mount, go to one of the NPC's listed above and follow the instructions to turn in your Taming Necklace to them.

    New Mount Skills
    Several new Mount specific skills were added in the Tactics Tree: Horsemanship, Horse Gallop Speed, Horse Carry Capacity Focus and Horse Speed Focus. You can place your mouse over each of these skills to see a description of what each of them do, and decide which ones you wish to train.

    You can learn these new skills by speaking to Corsten, The Master Tactics Trainer. He can be found in the city of Desolis, in the building directly East of the well in the town center.

    And that's the basics of the current new Mount System in game! Now go forth and get your mount, however you wish. Let me know if you want me to add anything else to this, or if I didn't explain something very clearly.
    11/23/20 Added a few more things and clarified size change, thanks Rinaldi!
    11/24/20 Added Mount skills and more information.
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    Nice! Thank you so much Anpu -- you rock! :)
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    Great post! Thanks for sharing it!
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    Great guide!

    Could you add a bit about the Horsemanship skills? And where to learn them ( the master tactics trainer at Desolis does, but I don't know if there are others).
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    @Anpu This should be updated as you CAN wear a cloak while mounted.

    While the graphic is removed when mounting if you remove and replace your cloak it does and will show while mounted.

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    That's a know Issue (that hasn't been fixed yet):
    E. If a player equips a cloak while on a mount, the cloak will display and clip through the horse

    But I will mention it.