The map of the Hidden Vale vs. Novia

Discussion in 'Quests & Lore' started by smack, Jan 22, 2014.

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    So in today's Pen of the Avatar, Stephen revealed the map of the Hidden Vale and mentioned that the latitude and longitude lines will be changing on the map of Novia.

    Given the new coordinates on the Hidden Vale map, here's where it would have been on the map of Novia:


    Clearly it would have overlapped Novia so the mainland will be shifting relative to the Hidden Vale. However, in doing so the city of Brittany will be moving. The reason I bring this up is because of the following:

    If you didn't catch it, the town of Brittany sits at approximately 48N 2E on Novia. The real region of Brittany, France sits at approximately the same location on Earth. If you search Google Maps for "Brittany, France" it will drop a marker at approximately 48N 2W. I don't know if that was pure coincidence or an easter egg that they hid on the map of Novia. So if the continent of Novia is shifted, the latitude and longitude would shift accordingly and thus this connection would break....if there ever was one.

    @caravaggiosWolf -- a couple questions:
    - Will you be releasing a new set of puzzle pieces and map for us to redo on our maps or will you wait until all pieces are revealed before releasing a new final map with updated latitude/longitude lines?
    - Or will you adjust the actual location of the Hidden Vale to maintain this Brittany "connection"?

    EDIT: Updated the image based on the final revision of the world map that was released with Update 78. The conflict still exists with the latest version as well.
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    Great work on all this @smack. You are quite the detective. I am sure there will be lots of hidden meanings and I look forward to your figuring them all out for me. :)

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    Maybe that map was before that they doubled the mainland space and now everthing changed!.
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