The New Britannia Theater Troupe Needs YOU!!!

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    The New Britannia Theater Troupe is anxiously seeking authors and voice actors!!!!!

    So what's it all about you ask? The Troupe was formed some years ago, with the aim of entertaining the wider Shroud community. It has many members, who have contributed their time and talent. Sadly the demands of real life, as well as our abysmal pay rates, means that some of our actors don't stick around. We are constantly on the lookout for eager new talent.

    We are looking at two main areas:
    1) Stories. This is a very rich source of entertainment. There is a wealth of creative talent in the community; over the past 5 years we have accumulated over 250 stories. Some or most of the stories reference Shroud in some way, but they don't have to. We are just interested in new and creative content. Our narrators (myself and anyone else I can co-opt) bring these stories into audio form, they are archived here. Also they are highlighted and broadcast during my Podcasts and poetry radio show, biweekly on Monday nights, 10 PM on Virtue Radio.
    After running the segment for the past year, I am in danger of running out of original material, and may be forced to start recycling. I need new stuff!! If anybody feels the urge to pen a story or poem (can be short or long) I want to hear from you!! You can even voice it yourself if you like!
    2. Voice Acting. the NBTT also presents radio plays, as well as live, in-game theatrical presentations. Approaching 20 productions so far, and there are two in the works. Obviously we rely on individuals to voice parts of the stories, and sometimes you get to participate in a live in-game play!
    The mechanics are simple - I send you some lines to record, you do it in the comfort of your home (just need a fairly decent mic and some free recording software). Thenforward the files to me and I edit everything together to form a complete production. Then we present it to the community - usually over the radio, and if we do a live performance the soundtrack is carried by the radio.
    Voice acting can be for small jobs - part or all of a short story - or larger jobs, such as a major play. Always your choice as to how much you do.

    If you would like to try your hand in the thespian arts, please contact me - DM here, Discord or

    Thanks - look forward to hearing from you!!
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    Posted on the events page under special announcements :)
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