The new salvaging the junk deco items is AMAZING! Thank you!

Discussion in 'Player Test Environment (QA Server) Feedback' started by Anpu, Apr 19, 2021.

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    I grabbed one of my very full dropped deco item trunks and started salvaging away. This is great and it was so nice to see these actually being useful to scrap now, and can *sometimes* provide a nice bonus item (Gold Scraps or Tin Ore etc...).

    Also THANK you for actually putting that information where to scrap items in the items description for the decoration items that can be scrapped. That will be very helpful for all players.

    The glass items giving Quarts was still a bit strange, but I assume in TEH FUTURE™ they might get used for more things?

    Love this new upcoming change and thank you Elgarion and Bzuz(?). This is nothing short of just pure genius. :D
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    Yes, sorry -- quartz being included is for upcoming uses for quartz. I'll have a full write-up about the new salvage concept in the upcoming release. I'm guessing Anpu that you tried this out on QA, so I'm guessing also you might have noticed an issue with it. Before, nothing stacked could be salvaged since it was always gear for the most part. Since these mundane items can be stacked, you might notice you cannot salvage them until you manually unstack the stack. There's some tech coming to address this. Not sure if it will make it in time for R89, or the mundane salvage will be held until it's ready.

    As for the tooltip descriptions, I hope to eventually have an informative description on every tooltip for almost everything. First by attrition while I work, then maybe a period where I dive into it intentionally.

    Very glad you like it though -- if you have feedback, keep it rollin ;)