The Oracle is Sealed!? (The Crematorium, Adventure PoT)

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    “Welcome, Stranger. The forces that bind our souls are weakest in these lands. Those that wish to pass on to the afterlife fastest are laid to rest here, at the Crematorium.


    "Don't stay past dark if you value your life. There is something wrong with these lands, even the Oracle is known.. to drive people mad. This is not a place for the living, so please give your respects and leave, and contemplate death no more."


    The Crematorium is located in the Southern Island of Mistrendur at the edge of the dark forest. It is a very specialized Player Owned Town that all players are invited to visit and participate in.


    Conversationalists explore concepts from the Ultima and other Richard Garriott works in relation to Shroud of the Avatar ( While not trying to replace or change canon, it raises questions about the SotA Universe (i.e., Who is the Oracle? What magic is contained in the Shards? Are there characters that haven't yet been introduced?) and hints at possible answers. (Note: This is an ongoing work, at the moment there are two conversationalists and plans for several more as time goes by.)

    Those wishing to start the adventure need to visit the robot caretaker at the Obsidian Tower near the entrance.

    The lots are all hidden and separated as far as possible. To find one will take effort, some will take a LOT of effort as I'm not even sure the Devs intended these to be placed where they were put. If you wanted that secluded haunted house in the middle of a forest, you got it!

    It is intended for player dungeons! Many of the row lots placed are edged as close as possible to cliff facings. I.e., get a row deed and an "empty" row home from the Add-On store and you'll have the perfect dungeon face.

    About a dozen markers have been placed in the town for row and village sized lots with no reservation. Any player can claim them.

    "If you decide to stay, you'll be in.. interesting.. company."


    The Governeer


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