The Order of the Black hand

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    • TITLE Format: weekly (random event) Silverdale Market and Tower of Xee POTS.
    • Every week random time (The Gathering Event)
    • There have been rumors of figures taking people away in the middle of the night in Silverdale. Its not safe to be out at night. Folk often talk about hearing noises from the ground like a heart beat or perhaps the sound for stone being hammered on... Thump, thump, thump... Take guard at night a be safe.
    • The Tower of Xee little is known of this place its existence is heard of in stories found and rumors abound. Some say its full of demons and evil, others talk about great treasures and relics of power. Only the handful of stories are told and it would seem nobody knows where this great tower is to be found.
    • These are Random encounter events that happen weekly at random times. They will be announced throughout the lands when word of incursions occur.
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