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The price of teleporters is too damn high

Discussion in 'Release 70 Feedback' started by that_shawn_guy, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. that_shawn_guy

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    earth... mostly
    Teleporters (Ravensmor, Tartarus, The Rise) are 4500 COTOs

    1) They take up deco space in town (an assumption because it's not clear in the description)
    2) They're Heritage Items (so not tradable "so we can make them cheaper")
    3) They save people some teleport to zone scrolls
    4) They save people from having to discover the zone on their own

    $45 for a single large town item with a single feature is a bit much. I'd pay that for a set of 3. But, $135 is way over prices for the set. That said, I would pay $45 for one that I could change the destination or players could select on use.

    Luckily, you can't buy them right now because of an error in the store. So, I hope they can be fixed before anyone needs a refund.
  2. kaeshiva

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    Adding functional items like teleporters (instead of simply more cosmetics) is a great idea!
    ....making them no-trade heritage......fail
    ......making them prohibitively expensive.....double fail.

    Its the mannequins all over again! Lets make something cool that people want but it has a performance impact so lets make it cost a fortune so nobody buys it. This sort of logic is absolutely baffling. You've made the things. Don't you want people to buy/use them?

    So...teleporters...cool! Anything that gets placed on a communal area like a POT really needs to not be "heritage" trash - it just causes problems for stewards who can't pick the things up, especially if they are big. Save the no trade for account-based unlocks not physical items that need to be placed/moved potentially by multiple people. The only way these are viable is if they are super cheap. If the idea is town residents are supposed to pool funds to buy these....making them no trade makes even less sense.

    Think about it - knock a zero off the price, and make them configurable to a specific zone through some sort of igg cash sink process. I would spend a fortune building a teleport hub, I'd easily buy -at least- 10 and you'd get the same amount of money but I'd feel like it was worth spending.

    How many zone scrolls of me going to a specific place would it take for this to be a return on investment? I don't even want to do the math, but I'm going to go with....never going to break even. And you can't really say "well other people will use it" because. its my thing, its no trade.
  3. Bryce Pallaton

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    You really need to quit with the No Trade stuff before your users do.

    Alienating your customers will kill this game. Stop it already.
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  4. Cirsee

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    I saw how cool these looked and then I saw the price tag. I was floored. If the logic of making things no trade means we can make them cheaper because people quit because stuff is too expensive.... then why are these so expensive? I get the convenience, but it really feels like a ding to the POT owners more than anything. Lets not make shrines deco only because those owner spend money to upgrade the POT size to use them. Now there are these, yeah convenience I get that can be sold, but they also look cool for Halloween. You seriously need to rethink your pricing.. I just got a friend in to play the game and he almost choked on the price of those new items. You are going to drive players away quickly. I know the marketplace is cutting into you bottom line, but if you had stuff cheaper than they sell it, there wouldn't be a need for them. If you make things cheaper, we can buy more. If you make them too expensive then you will anger people to buy nothing.
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