~The Savage Empire Project~ (Q&A)

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    Many have been speculating about this within our world chat, so here's what's behind the curtain within this new character named "Sum Savage".

    Sun Savage is a vehicle character from which internet cafe owners here in Thailand can check out our game. Currently he is shared through another Expat who owns such a internet gaming shop with about 20+ computers in it, with players that mostly come for team gaming competitions... "guilds" but the players don't generally call themselves that, they call themselves teams of varying names.

    So currently, I, and a guy that owns an internet cafe here in Thailand log into The Savage Empire Account. If this proves successful, then much later I may begin hosting tournaments or "team hunts" full of Thai-Players, who don't speak very much English at all.

    ~The Savage Empire Project~

    The project itself is very long in the making and I think maybe a year or so away from hosting those events. Here's a post from 2017 mentioning it, yet I began a fact finding missions for it 2 years even before that.

    It is with diligent hopes that other internet cafe operators and gaming streamers who know me here in Thailand will also be hosted through the character known as Sum Savage.

    So yes, he is me and at times not me. I hope to be operating the "team accounts" when that need arises in the same way as current Sum Savage.

    Thailand's online gaming is dominated by other more competitive games which makes it very difficult to persuade any players to encounter our SOTA gaming environment, yet many do play "The Sims", which is very similar in gaming attraction as our SOTA.

    Please just treat Sum Savage as any other in game, whoever is operating him at the time, is a part or guest of this project.
    So he's either guest or me, with little time to explain or chat about it in-game. It's just time to play.

    Sample picture, random cafe

    ..they are everywhere here in Thailand :)

    Team 5 of that old post from 2017 gave great input and really got my feet into Thailand's greater gaming community chatter. Team 5 still plays in a cafe about 200 meters from where I live, and I do hope to get them to take a trip through again some day when I have time.

    ~Time Lord~
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