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The SOTA "2-hour" Instructions PDF

Discussion in 'Player Created Resources' started by Greyhaven, May 26, 2018.

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    Quick & easy this one folks:

    1) Copy all the player instructions
    2) Paste the lot into Publisher
    3) Bit of formatting to make sure the pictures fit & the tiles stand out
    4) Stick a page graphic in the background
    5) Put a copy of Jynx's Quick Reference Card at the front
    6) Whack a cover on

    2-hours, one Instruction Book, job done !


    Download here:

    About 8.3mb. No hyperlinks but upload it to iBooks and you can search the text easily.

    P.S. Bet you didn't know the cover image was done by our old friend "Enis Loubet"! (Hey, what do you want for 2-hours? Tea & biscuits?)
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