The Tower of Xee - In Death there is Power beyond Life

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    There was rumors of a great tower of undead that had once been lost where master of the arcane arts of necromancy built great weapons of power for an army of liches. There have been songs of recent that bards have been singing of a tower found in the new lands shrouded in death. It was told that some adventures where were exploring local islands found this place and marked it on the map. They tell of beings with out souls still building arcane weapons imbued by the great necromancer Xee for use by those who follow death.

    A fair warning to all that signs of undead in the area have been noted as locals tell of tales of portals to the underworld and Lichs have been seen wandering around the area. One never knows what they may encounter. Many have seeked this tower before and failed to return.


    Location: red dot (island) near Adventure Zone 001
    Update: 6/3/2020

    * New Death Armor and weapon vendor added
    * Magic reg npc added
    * Grave yard grounds keeper added
    * Lich spawns added to Sacrifice room
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