TheEbon Viper - Book II

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    Petric! Ebon called out. Come down here girl! Petric came down the stairs wiping the sleep from her eyes! Whats going? on she mumbled. Come to the Library, she came in and sat down in a plush chair. Whats all this rukus? Ebon just smiled, it is time for your first job with me! Her eyes lit up! Really?? Ebon just smiled, i can use your skill tomorrow night! We need to go pay a visit to Lord Balrath's imports, and the bar next to his establishment called "The Sturgeon", a few of Balrath's workers will not be showing up the following morning! Get yer sleep and we'll meet up tomorrow night before the sun goes down! Ebon walked out of the library, and headed out the door. Petric was excited about this job, it would be the first time she could really prove her worth, she wanted a pirate ship, and she would do anything to get one!.

    Ebon headed down to his Guild's tavern the "Chain and Anchor", He needed to set a plan into motion to disrupt Balrath"s operations and gain some more intel on it as well.

    The Ebon Viper Book II -

    As Ebon approached his establishment business was booming as usual. A couple drunk sailors were fighting outside the place and down the alley, O'l John Discken came flying out the front doors and landed at Ebon's feet as he regained his composure he looked up through his druken eyes, Ebon? Ebon reached down and pulled the man up. Enjoying my establishment i see! Brush yourself off and go in and apologize to the barmaid for pinching her butt! Then enjoy a drink on myself! (Ebon knew from the impression of the serving tray along the right side of Discken's face that this was the apex of his situation) "and get some ice on the side of your face as well!" Discken jumped up, went back in Ebon could here the barmaid scolding him as he entered and he also heard Discken apologizing with a little embarrassment in his voice.
    As he stepped through the door he just smiled, what a fine establishment he had taken over a month or so ago, business seemed better than usual, which meant there was something in the air about. He would definitely figure all this out before he left this night. He went over to his usual spot in the back of the tavern slightly concealed in the shadows and began to observe, the barmaid already had a pitcher of ale on his table.
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