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Think Pink - Charity Auction - Golden 4-Story Greenhouse & PA Row Deed

Discussion in 'House & Lot Listings (WTS/WTB)' started by Thexedor Markhamm, Oct 21, 2017.

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  1. Thexedor Markhamm

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    THINK PINK - Charity Auction - October 21st

    AERIE Fund Shoppe is holding a charity auction to benefit our Think Pink Initiative. The auction is live and will be ending during our 24 Hour Stream-A-Thon event.


    You will need to register on Shroud Marketplace to bid.

    Auction times are CST/NBT. However the Marketplace server clocks are set to Pacific (we cannot change this). So, an auction that ends at 5:00 CST displays as ending at 3:00 PM (Pacific).
    The countdown clock is all that matters.

    Any bids received after the countdown cloak will be forfeit. We hand audit the winners and the winners are the highest bidders closest to the auction end. And, yes, milliseconds count. ;)


    Golden 4-Story Ornate Greenhouse / Place Anywhere Row Lot Deed (SeedInvest Rares)

    Auction Ends: 12:00 PM CST (Midnight)
    [BID HERE]

    Grow your carrots in the lap of luxury! These Golden Ornate Greenhouses were only available to SeedInvestors at the $1000 level. This pack includes the greenhouse, the deed (place anywhere - taxed) and 5 story basement. Minimum reserve set at $500.

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  2. Bodhbh Dearg

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    Nice idea, but the base price is too richt for me... ;)

    Good luck, it's a good cause!!!
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