This weeks Combat Changes - Doing it wrong (again /sigh)

Discussion in 'Skills and Combat' started by Rook Strife, Jun 19, 2020.

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    Last weeks changes - pet responsiveness, improved tank aggro.... Great

    This weeks changes - Tank dps, more bard skills, blablabla..... lol

    * The main group activity (PVE or PVP) for people who log into this game *

    Open group find -> Queue ERG

    Or in other words, Log in so you can stand in 1 spot, set your dynamic slot toggle to on, and then sit there watching your screen in boredom XX minutes or find something else to do around the house while u wait for attunement.

    Not sure how Frank the Tank's Dps or more noise from our bard's somehow made the list of priorities but I guess we will be delaying any kind of entertaining PVE or PVP for another week.