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Trash Barrels and Bathtubes

Discussion in 'Release 54 QA Feedback Forum' started by CatweazleX, May 29, 2018.

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    As i crafted my first barrel i placed it near the street where usually the trash cans reside. I do not why, but it reminded my on something familiar...
    I also set it up that everyone can "place" items in the barrel, but was unable that everyone is able to get items from the barrel.

    Can you please make it so, that we can setup a barrel as Trash Barrel / Trash Can. That should work as follows:
    - everyone can add items to this container
    - everyone can remove items from this container
    - when an item is 7 days old (or 14) it got deleted from this container
    - the container item count still apply

    This may help to get items destroyed if some is unsure to destroy it directly. Also it may prevent accidentally destroying items, because one has 7 days to get it back.
    It also may help the poor. May there are items that are not as valuable for one, but may for others. One can "store" them in a trash barrel and other might look in it, if there is something of interest.
    This is also the more RP like / immerseive way to destroy items.

    An empty barrel should have the lid either open or removed.

    I like to see "Bucket of water" as an crafting item. Water is often used in crafting, For example wine, beer and also make paper.
    Can we have empty Bathtubs? So if i wanna take a bath i need to get water first and pour it in the bathtub. It can be done similar to "watering plants". May i also want to use warm water for a bath. It would be cool if one can use "bucket of water" on a fireplace to get a "Hot bucket of Water".
    Add-On: If one uses only hot water he/she experience fire/water damage while bathing. Roughly one third of the water buckets needed to fill the bathtub should be cold water (normal "Bucket of water") to get warm water.
    Warm water should indicated with smoke, hot water with more smoke.
Thread Status:
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