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Travel journal about the South entrance to Dragomir Mori - Part 1

Discussion in 'Player Created Resources' started by Rentier, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Rentier

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    Dragomir Mori
    Greetings fellow Avatars,

    after reaching the Town of Dragomir Mori from the South, the first thing that springs to sight is this big Elven Tree Home and my curiosity for the elven tree building was triggered.
    While walking toward the elven tree I came by the Bulletin Board with news about the Town. It seems there will be a grand opening in Town tomorrow (Editors Note: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/f...memento-mori-guild-house-grand-opening.96818/)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Getting past the merchants lining up the street to the tree home I was greeted by a friendly young elf who invited me to make a tour in the public area of the tree as he must have sensed my hardly restrained wish to see the tree home.
    First we got to the first floor where they build their expert crafting area.
    But I was more interested in the tree in the middle and how the tree could anchor the structure, while my guide showed me around talking about why they came here (refugees) and the warm welcome they got from the people here so they decided to make their new home here. As we reached a sitting area in the middle of all the crafting people I asked him about that and he said that this recreational area is there to relax while working - 'While working?' I asked 'Yes I heard that right 'while' not 'after' working', he responded and added 'with relaxing at the right time will enhance the quality of the craft if one does get the power of calmness and balance' and made me to try it.
    While trying to relax and get the power of calmness and balance I couldn't resist peeking to the garden behind the dragon bone throne (of which he did tell me nothing and only smiled). Mostly trees and bushes but also some wonder of the nature for the patient observer - I would have missed it, if not for the movement of the wonderful creatures there that caught my eyes.

    But all things have to end, so I bade my friendly guide a hearty thanks and that I had to go on to get a bed for the night. He then answered that i should not hurry because a Viking Inn is near along the road to town which still has rooms to rent for the night and the bar has the best bear-steaks in town and a very good beer too. But i should be careful around the ruins, he didn't know what his cousins were doing there but that they are very wary about strangers.

    So I went with a strange but very well known feeling: fear mixed with curiosity. The fear won for today and I walked past the ruins to the already visible Viking Inn.
    A short walk along the ruins and past the elven encampment, I arrived at the Inn.
    to be continued....

    From the Journal of the Traveler R.W. about Dragomir Mori South entrance

    Rentier Woodpicker
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    Dragomir Mori just North of Aerie
    Rentier, what a beautiful place you have nestled and inviting in woods!
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