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Universal chat seems to be about topics I dont care about from people I dont know. I suggest...

Discussion in 'Release 62 Feedback' started by Kelly O'Shay, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Kelly O'Shay

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    I suggest that in addition to universal chat, there should be customizable player lists to use to make your own chat group.

    I have disabled universal chat in my chat tabs because - who are these people and why do they think they can carry on a conversation about their current instance or their opinion of sanctus spine on a public channel!?

    What the game really needs is a way for me or anyone to send an important chat message to a selected group. For example, if our pvp event is starting in 3 hours and our pvp event sponsor wants to remind everyone that we are on for this week, she has to send out 100 seperate whispers!!! It would be better if she could make a subset of her friends and send the message once to that set of friends.

    What if our dj avatars wish to invite their favorite group of dancers to the big dance party they have scheduled on the fly in one hour. They should be able to send one message to their 'dance party friends' subset of their friends list.

    Please consider adding the capability to mark friends with a tag or many tags on your friends list, then have a special chat command that just sends the message to all of those friends in the tagged list.

    @DarkStarr @Sannio
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  2. Feeyo

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    Aelasar’s Forest
    Works as intended, it is universe after all right?
    But I do agree we should be able to create CUSTOM chat channels.
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